LIVESTRONG with a Taste of Yellow ~ roundup

Today is LiveSTRONG Day. Winos and Foodies has posted all of the 179 entries from bloggers received for LiveSTRONG with a Taste of Yellow event. You can find the posts here and here. All of the contributions look really amazing. I love that Barbara of Winos and Foodies commented on each and every entry! My wonderful family even got a made me cry all over again! My entry of Yellow Rose Sugar Cookies is here.


  1. That post about your cookies was so cool. That is really neat.

  2. It is cool to see the pictures of everyone's food! I love the comment at the bottom of your cookie picture, and YES Aunt Gayle is missed very much!! She is very proud of you :)Thanks again for the bracelet I wear it everyday. xxoo

  3. Glad you got to participate, sorry I missed your post but I just read it now. So sorry to hear baout your mom and other members of your family.

  4. I just saw Aunt Gayle's cookie post. I miss her so much. I remember her sending me around my 16th birthday this note with an angel broach/ pin saying how connected we were because of our red hair. It made me feel so special. I will never forget your wonderful mom. She actually came up in an interview at Monte Cassino the other day. The director of the school went to high school with Aunt Gayle. What a wonderful reminder for me to know how amazing she was and how many lives she touched. I think it is an absolute beautiful tribute, the yellow rose cookies. Thank you for that.


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