Who is keeping you company?. . . .Works For Me Wednesday

Here's a question for you....who keeps you company while you are baking/sewing/crafting?

I do a lot of my baking at night, after the kiddo is in bed. At night...Jerry & Elaine, Frasier & Niles, Deborah & Ray and the Girls & the City keep me company. Reruns are great because I've seen them all and I really don't have to lift my head from decorating to see the TV.

But during the day, I have to have some music on, and I must be able to sing along...loudly and out-of-tune! :)

{And here is where I need your help because these are hopelessly out of date! Luckily I have some mix-masters in the family who keep me current with mix CD's}

My favorite belt-'em-out-baking music:

  • Domestic Science Club
    by Domestic Science Club...if this doesn't make you want to bake in pearls and heels, I don't know what will. Folksy, funny & sweet...perfect!
  • Breakaway
    by Kelly Clarkson...I am a little embarrassed because I feel too old for this CD, but, oh, it's a great one for belting! :) The UPS man actually asked what I was listening to one afternoon. Poor guy...I'm sure with the music cranked and all the singing, he was NOT expecting a mom to answer the door!
  • Julie Roberts
    by Julie Roberts...twangy, sassy, it's my kind of country.
  • The Beatles 1
    by the Beatles...all of their #1 hits. How did Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da not make it to #1 is my question.
  • Fly
    by Dixie Chicks...putting all politics aside, a great sing-along, belt 'em out CD. I cried the first time I heard it. Something about those harmonies and seeing them play in Dallas before they were famous. Cowboy Take Me Away one of my all time favorites.
  • Worrisome Heart
    by Melody Gardot...came out in 2008, so it's a little modern. :) This sounds old-fashioned to me, more mellow...it's great!

Alright readers...help me out here! What music works for you while you are busy creating ?



  1. I think my music is all weird and out of date too, but I don't care. I listen to showtunes--any kind. I also like Stevie Wonder, anything I can sing along too. It makes cleaning the house go so much faster to have some fun music on!

  2. Cowboy Take Me Away is my all time theme song. One day I'll be home in the Big D and I won't ever leave. :)Gosh I miss my hometown.

  3. I'm a big soundtrack fan so I listen to a lot of them when I'm creating. Chocolat is my favorite...well, pretty much anything from Rachel Portman. Lord of the Rings (all of them are great) are good too.

  4. I listen to a little bit of everything. I don't have any Kelly Clarkson, so now I'm thinking about downloading that CD. I also like to listen to podcasts when I'm alone in the kitchen.

  5. I decorate in the evenings after work, as well...but usually I just turn on the TV and zone out with it as background noise. Of course that means my daily helpings of celebrity gossip from E! Because let's face it, I don't really want anything deep or thought-provoking when I'm decorating cookies!

  6. I like to turn my TV on the music channels - I switch between the Top 40 channel and Today's Country. As long as I can dance a little around the kitchen, I'm good!

  7. I love to listen to music while I scrapbook. When I have friends over, I get so distracted when we get talking--not that I don't enjoy the company, but when I'm in the zone, I prefer music.

  8. The music I listen to is a big mix of just about anything and everything. My favorite belt it out musician is Keith Green (mostly because I can sing in the same key), but I also like Sick Puppies and Evanescence, as well as Weird Al. I know, I'm really weird ;) I'll listen to just about anything though, as long as the music is good :)

  9. Yes, Doobie Brothers, Elton John, 70's & 80's pop... Jonas Brothers, Miley Cirus (I'm mom to 3 teenagers, remember?)... latin pop... love music!
    And I loooove your COOKIES, Bridget!!

  10. I like to belt it out to Kelly Clarkson, Madonna (the classics), Imogen Heap, Maroon 5, and, even though I'm *old*, Taylor Swift, the Jonas Brothers, and Miley Cyrus have some great dance & belt-it-out hits. :) Fun WFMW post!

  11. It's not exactly music, but when I'm working on goodies my background noise is usually the History Channel! I LOVE the male narrator's voice on shows about Egypt, the Plague, Nostradamus, Mysteries of the Bible, Monsterquest, etc. Sounds like the same guy, but I've never watched for the credits to find out.

  12. I love that Kelly Clarkson CD! I usually go with 80s music: Eurythmics, Prince, Michael Jackson, etc.

  13. We love variety over here. A bit of everything, but lately it's been Go Fish (kid's music that parents can tolerate).

  14. I love those cookies-they are amazing!!


  15. I would have to second "Fly".. and any classic rock!
    Taylor Swift is on most of the time these days.. love her!

  16. When I'm in the kitchen baking, jazz (classic and current) is my top pick! There's just something nostalgic about wearing an apron, baking, with jazz streaming all over the house. :)

  17. I never have music playing but I often do have the TV in the solarium on, which I can see from the kitchen island. Usually, I just put on FOXNews, like sitcom reruns, I get what I need without having to lift my head!

    Great question! I will have to bring a radio into the kitchen - because besides the TV, it's just Bing (our cat) that keeps me company now that the boys are too old, (grown and out of the house) to be entertained by my cooking/baking. However, when my Ranger is home from the Army, he's always in the kitchen with me!

  18. There are some classics that really keep me going:
    1) I Wanna Dance With Somebody- Whitney Houston
    2)We didn't start the fire- Billy Joel
    3)Born to Run- Bruce Springsteen

    And then some more modern ones:
    4) Carrie Underwood
    5) Evacuate the Dancefloor- Cascada
    6)Rock And Roll- Eric Hutchinson

  19. I've never given this much thought until now, and it is kinda curious. I actually listen to Singers and Standards (Sinatra, Tony Bennett, etc.) while baking. The music takes me back to my Nanny's kitchen. I'm normally an Adult Alternative, Soft Rock girl, but for baking....it's always the Standards.

  20. I neglected to say earlier how much I love, love, love these Note cookies! What a creative, out-of-the-box thinking design. Love it!

  21. I'm all over the charts - sometimes country music, sometimes Miley Cyrus, sometimes movie soundtracks, sometimes Joshua Radin or Jack Johnson...

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  23. Love the whimsical cookies - so fun and happy!

  24. I loved hearing your song picks--quite the collection!
    We listen to everything around here. Opera, R & B, alternative, top 40, disco--anything upbeat and fun. Currently, we're usually listening to my 2-year old who insists that everyone listen to her sing 24 hours a day. She likes the super-oldies, "A Bicycle Built for Two" is her latest favorite.

  25. I LOVE Cowboy Take Me Away! One of my favorites songs EVER!
    And the Beatles are awesome!

  26. I usually listen to the Wicked Soundtrack...over and over again because it is just that good. :)

  27. I haven't heard it yet, but I bet the soundtrack from the new TV show, Glee, would be great.


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