Sweet Surprises . . . Works For Me Wednesday

{pssst....I need YOUR ideas at the end of this post.}

Don't you just LOVE surprises?!? I do, too. My husband treated me to a sweet, lovely, bloggy surprise on Mother's Day.

I knew he and kiddo were up to something, and I truly thought they were going to take me to get a pedicure. (Goodness knows I need one.)

Well, they surprised me with a trip this summer to meet my bloggy friend, Cheryl, from TidyMom!!!

{I know...can you believe it?!? I get to meet the queen of tidyness, photography, delicious food, crafts and CUPCAKES! Also, she's the recent recipient of the Awesomest Overall Blog contest.}

Cheryl was in on it, too....and never spilled the beans! Even the Friday before Mother's Day when I tweeted her....about wishing I could come to visit!

I'm so excited to meet Cheryl in person! Now I can call her a REAL friend, not just an imaginary one! ;) Ooo, and I can't wait to meet Mr. TidyMom and her sweet girls, too!

So, here's my dilemma: just what in the world do I get my hubby for Father's Day? I know you guys are wonderfully creative and can give me some ideas. The scoop:
  • he's eaten enough cookies for this lifetime and the next,
  • I'm on a budget, :)
  • and I don't have any frequent flier miles to trade in for him to meet a bloggy friend (not that he has any besides me!)
Ideas? I need a good one for my sweetie. Honey....don't read the comments, please.
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