Sweet Surprises . . . Works For Me Wednesday

{pssst....I need YOUR ideas at the end of this post.}

Don't you just LOVE surprises?!? I do, too. My husband treated me to a sweet, lovely, bloggy surprise on Mother's Day.

I knew he and kiddo were up to something, and I truly thought they were going to take me to get a pedicure. (Goodness knows I need one.)

Well, they surprised me with a trip this summer to meet my bloggy friend, Cheryl, from TidyMom!!!

{I know...can you believe it?!? I get to meet the queen of tidyness, photography, delicious food, crafts and CUPCAKES! Also, she's the recent recipient of the Awesomest Overall Blog contest.}

Cheryl was in on it, too....and never spilled the beans! Even the Friday before Mother's Day when I tweeted her....about wishing I could come to visit!

I'm so excited to meet Cheryl in person! Now I can call her a REAL friend, not just an imaginary one! ;) Ooo, and I can't wait to meet Mr. TidyMom and her sweet girls, too!

So, here's my dilemma: just what in the world do I get my hubby for Father's Day? I know you guys are wonderfully creative and can give me some ideas. The scoop:
  • he's eaten enough cookies for this lifetime and the next,
  • I'm on a budget, :)
  • and I don't have any frequent flier miles to trade in for him to meet a bloggy friend (not that he has any besides me!)
Ideas? I need a good one for my sweetie. Honey....don't read the comments, please.


  1. 'take him out to the ballgame!'
    and include:
    his favorite snack
    maybe even a new ball cap!

  2. Get together some of your favourite photos of your husband and son. Go to http://shutterfly.com and create a book for him with the photos. You can add your own text as well. Quality of the finished book is really nice. I think he would like it. I made one for my grand-daughter's 5th birthday and was very happy with the final product.

  3. i donno let me know what you find out~ i got a jack laanne jucier and i was thrilled~ i have no idea what to get him~ i need help tooooo~

  4. I knew about your surprise!!! Yay, y'all are gonna have so much fun!

    and please share all the great Father's Day ideas b/c I'm clueless!

  5. Oh Bridget!
    Sweet sweet Bridget!
    Well I am just THRILLED for you and Cheryl!
    We have got to SKYPE when you two are together!
    I will want to know ALL the details!
    When you are going!
    What you are going to wear to meet her!
    What you do on your first date! ;o)
    Well I am just certain it will be BLOG-LOVE at first SIGHT!!!! Don't you think!
    What FUN!!!!!
    Oh what FUN!!!!!
    I can only IMAGINE what you girls will stay up late getting into...
    let me see...
    I'm just certain it involves Cookie dough and ICING! ;o)
    I can only imagine the PINK cupcakes Cheryl will have in her kitchen when she brings you home!
    And you girls better alert Security at the airport...
    cause I'm just certain there will be some hootin' and hollaring! Don't you think! ;o)
    Oh...and another thing!
    You know Greg and I are on this CRAZY detox!
    And nights are the worse!
    Like we LOVE to eat and watch our programs!
    Who the ____ wants to watch Dancing with the freakin Stars without something yummy to eat!!!!!
    to keep my mind off of eating...
    I was reading blogs during Dancing with the Stars.
    BUt Greg and I were very STONED faced! ;o)
    Until I ran across your blog post on Homemade Fondant!
    Bridget I can't tell you how you TOTALLY cracked up our two starving stoned faces when we saw your wedding picture and you said...
    "this is my husband...but I don't know who that thin girl with a tan is!!!!!"
    Oh...we laughed our detoxing booty's off!
    And then Greg said:
    I thought Bridget had dark hair!
    I said SHE DOES!!!!
    Isn't it FUNNY how our hubs get into our bloggy friends!
    Thanks for cracking our starving faces up last night!
    I thought I was going to hit the freakin floor and roll my starving head off when I read your DETOX comment on my blog this morning!
    Oh so good to laugh like that during this DETOX!!!!!!
    At least for once in my life when I watch the biggest freakin loser tonight I won't be eating ICE CREAM!
    Love you sweet Girl!
    ANd I am thrilled for you and Cheryl!
    What a sweet hub and son you have!
    And I'll ask Greg what you should get your sweet man for Father's Day!
    I may have to email you.
    Knowing Greg...it will involve ICING...but not in the kitchen!
    Can't believe I just typed that!
    Must be the detoxing!!!!!!! ;o)

  6. That will be so fun! I have no ideas on what to give for Father's Day.

    I've made a photo book before for my husband for our anniversary and while I think he liked it, he never looked at it again and it's in a cabinet. Men just don't get into pictures like we do.

    I also can't do books anymore, because he never gets around to reading them.

    It's so hard to buy for guys.

  7. I got to meet one of my blogger friends in person this fall and it was so much fun! We hit it off right away, but it was weird meeting someone that you already knew so much about. We started talking just like we had known each other all our lives. We hope to get to meet up again. And I want to meet some more of my blogger friends. Love & blessings from NC!

  8. Great post, I'm in the same boat as you, so I'll be checking back here every so often to get some ideas as well. Hopefully you won't get too many comments like mine... LOL Thanks Bridget! :)

  9. Well, Father's Day in Portugal was in March 19th, so I can tell you what I did. I made a cd case calendar with photos of our baby daughter and made a beautiful card writen by "her hand". He loved! You can see here: http://milvisoes.blogspot.com/2010/03/prendinha-do-papa-vito.html
    Then you can put the present in a plate with an healthy food and surprise him with a breakfast on bed!

  10. Oh gosh!!....did you HAVE to put a HUGE picture of me up! LOL.....next time it will be a picture of the TWO of US!!!!!

    ok, confession.....I just couldn't NOT tell anyone.....so Bridget and Kristen both knew! lol....they can keep secrets too!

    as for the gift idea....I'm clueless too. Steve hunts, and got a big turkey a few weeks ago that he's having mounted....so that's his father's day gift! lol
    But I'll let you know if I think of something really GRAND!!

  11. two ideas: from you, find a boudoir photographer and give him some beautiful photos of you! from the kids, what about an oil less frier? They are great for making friend turkeys without all the fat from oil. you can do ribs, brikset, chicken, turkey, etc. Fabulous; my husband loves his.

  12. Does your husband have an I-Pod? It's not real inexpensive, but I think most guys would like the Bose Sound Dock speaker system.

    How about a super comfortable outdoor lounge chair just for him? (After all, most Dads have an indoor chair they call their own.)

    Beer. Does he like beer? Would he be interested in creating his own brew? If so, a micro-brewery startup kit might work for him.

    Tickets for an upcoming sporting event.

    Subscription to a new magazine or newspaper (can get them for Kindle, too).

    New topsiders. (My husband has more shoes than me. True. And, yeah, sad.)

    Well, I'm kind of new to your blog, and haven't had a chance to read up on Mr. Bake at 350, so my suggestions may be way off base. But I'm sure someone is going to come up with the perfect idea for you!

  13. That was SO SWEET of your husband and son! Hope you have a great trip!

  14. Fill a gift bag with vintage Raybans, driving gloves, and a map. Download some roadtrip tunes for the I-Pod and pack his favorite picnic lunch. Present to him with the keys for his dream convertible (which you have rented for the day) and spend the day cruising country roads with him, scarf flying and all! Don't forget to take the camera.

  15. Hi Bridget...i recently discovered your blog through I am Baker! I'm a baking newby and really love all your tutorials! :)

    What a sweet hubby! As for your gift...i didn't know that one could have ENOUGH cookies in a lifetime! ;)

  16. TidyMom....what do you mean? you don't want a GIANT close-up of your face on the blog?!? :) I meant to make a collage, but I forgot. It's up now...but your pretty face is still there! LOL

  17. How fun that you are meeting Tidy Mom! You guys are going to have a wonderful time!

    I am terrible at thinking up good ideas for my husband. Maybe a homemade coupon book with special things in there that he loves.


  18. I bookmarked this a while back thinking it was a pretty cool idea (http://mymixofsix.blogspot.com/2009/12/husband-gift-idea.html)...12 pre-planned dates for you & your hubby. Check it out.

  19. Tickets to a ball game?
    A subscriptions to a magazine thats theme is his favorite hobby?
    A pedicure. (make him do it)
    A fishing pole.
    A day at the local race track drag racing.
    a tour of your local radio station.. his favorite.
    a shout out in the newspaper

    That should help a bit. I hope! :)


  20. This isn't a "big" gift, but I ordered a copy of the book "Geek Dad" for our young daughter to give to my husband. I haven't read it yet, but I've read good things about the fun projects in the book that kids and dads can do together. I figure hero worship is the best gift a dad can get. Although I'd take those baseball tix everyone else was writing about, too!

  21. What a wonderfully thoughtful Mother's Day gift!! As for your husband - does he have a favorite sport or type of music? Perhaps tickets to something like that? I'm always big on giving "experience" gifts vs."things".

  22. For anniversary-I make my hubby a collage of the year before- you can see a pic of it under meaningful gift idea (on my site) He gets teary eyed with each one. For father's day- I get Crayola model magic fusion dough($3) and a plain wood plaque ($1) and the lil one's handprint in the middle. :)


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