Friday, October 3, 2014

Soft Baked Cherry Almond Granola Bars

soft baked cherry almond granola bars (gluten-free!)
I'm a bar girl.  Just ask any of my friends from college.  Wait.

I mean, I love to EAT a good bar.  Snack bar, protein bar, breakfast bar, energy bar, granola name it, I'll eat it.  A lot of days, they're breakfast.  When I'm traveling, I always have a stash of bars in my carry-on.

 photo cherryalmondgranolasoft baked cherry almond granola bars (gluten-free!) bars-1.jpg
I've always wanted to make them at home, so I did (finally).  I predict this is the first recipe of many to come.  Soft baked with oats, oat flour, almond butter, and dried cherries...these homemade bars were a hit with the whole family.

soft baked cherry almond granola bars (gluten-free!)

Find the recipe for Soft Baked Cherry Almond Granola Bars on Imperial Sugar. 

They're perfect for breakfast or a quick snack...and if you're sensitive to gluten, no worries, they're gluten-free!

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  1. I am a fellow bar girl! Granola bars, breakfast bars, protein bars, you name it. They are convenient for my hectic lifestyle (and they taste good!). Now that you mention it, I can't believe I've never made my own. These look amazing. Bookmarking them to try when I am feeling energetic!

  2. Almond butter, almond extract and dried cherries with oats...these sound great!

  3. I'm a bar girl, too. ;) LOVE this - our whole family will LOVE this!!

  4. I loved soft baked bars, now add in the cherries and almond, it's a winner.

  5. These look perfect to me. I love bars above all other cookies, taste-wise: they're so nice and dense, like the best parts of cookies squished into a square or rectangle. <3

  6. An excellent combination! I just want to gobble them up right through the screen!


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