Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Pioneer Woman Food & Friends Latest Posts...

Hey friends! I thought I'd start letting you know when I have a new post up on The Pioneer Woman Food & Friends. Please click the links to read more!

1. Pasteurized Eggs 101
pasteurized eggs 101
Have you used pasteurized eggs? Have you heard of pasteurized eggs? Should I stop typing pasteurized eggs? ;)

2. Cocoa Powder 101
cocoa powder 101
Just in time for Valentine's Day...the official start of chocolate season. Come learn all about the different cocoa powders and when to use them.

Alright, click the links above and let's head out to Ree's ranch...at least in our dreams.



  1. I always kinda think of it as the END, the Grand Finale, of Chocolate season after the holidays, yet before Lent (typically) and locally grown fruits and thus fruit desserts of all types. :)

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