Stitch Fix SHOES!!!

No cookies, no sugar, no Trader Joe's review today, just a Public Service Announcement...

Stitch Fix is now shipping SHOES!!!

I know, right?!?

stitch fix shoes!!!

Stitchfix.comis where you can go to have a personal stylist do your shopping for you. I've talked about Stitch Fix before on the blog and have gotten some really cool pieces. (As a matter of fact, I'm wearing my Stitch Fix grey & white striped cardigan WITH elbow patches right this very moment.)

I'd put my fixes on hold for a while I'm trying to shed a few *ahem* extra pounds I put on over the winter (fall, summer, get the idea.) ANYHOO. I read about Stitch Fix shoes and promptly scheduled my next fix.

I'm personally hoping for those yellow wedges. And the orange-y fringe sandals. And, well...the navy ankle tie little numbers. Ohmygosh. Shoes delivered to my house. In my size. That I can try on while wearing pajamas. Sold.

Anyway, I just thought if you'd been on the fence about taking the plunge with Stitch Fix, now might just be the perfect time to dive in!

Yay, shoes!

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