Little Blue Houses for You & Me . . .

I'm always leaning towards pinks and reds and yellows and BRIGHT...when making cottage cookies.

A sweet lady wanted to send some housewarming cookies to a friend. She described their house style as "Restoration Hardware" and wanted cookies in blue and brown. Well, I just love the way they turned out. I may take a break from BRIGHT and move into a more mature cookie decorating palette.

{OK...I'll never leave my pinks and reds and dots, but these were a lovely change!}

Here are the colors that I used...all AmeriColor Gel/Paste food colorings.

What color combos would you use to make pretty cottages?

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OH! I almost forgot! Check out the latest issue of my town's family magazine (Woodlands Family Magazine), page 27. You might see another familiar face on page 12! :)
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