Wednesday Replay: August 12, 2020

This is one of those weeks where when I looked back in the archives, I was shouting "YES!" and "I have to make that again ASAP!" The cats are looking at me like I'm crazy. Like they're shocked that I'm talking to myself...again.

As usual, click the links to go to the recipes.

From 2015, Cherry Pie Bars

cherry pie bars :: like sugar cookie bars and a cherry pie got married ♥

It's like a cherry pie, and a sugar cookie had a baby. This is one of Mr. E's favorite. (Mine, too.) 

From 2012, Biscoff-Glazed Soft Oatmeal Cookies

biscoff-glazed soft oatmeal cookies

Oh my. I'd totally forgotten about these. Make them! Make them! 

From 2011, Biscoff (Cookie Butter) Brownies

biscoff (cookie butter) brownies

I must crave Biscoff in August. I'm sensing a theme here. And, oh, what a delicious theme it is. Bottom line: get yourself some Biscoff spread (or Trader Joe's Cookie Butter) and get baking! 

From 2017, Cocoa Bundt Cake

Cocoa Bundt Cake...a rich and moist chocolate cake with a shiny chocolate glaze. Easy to make and perfect for sharing! |

We love a Bundt cake around here. None of those dry, heavy Bundt cakes, either. This one is moist, rich, and chocolatey. 

Who's baking this week? 

Totus Tuus (Music Ministry) Cookies

totus tuus cookies: Notre Dame music ministry group

Before Jack came home for spring break in March (which turned into *cue dramatic music* pandemic break), he and his music ministry group at school were working on an EP. 

totus tuus cookies: Notre Dame music ministry group

The group is called is Totus Tuus. They play at events on campus...and last year, opened for Matt Maher when he came to Notre Dame! We've been lucky enough to hear them play a couple of times. They actually let Mr. E and me sit in on a rehearsal earlier this year, and it was so beautiful. Not just the music, but to watch these insanely talented young people come together on their own. I was holding back the tears big time. I'm already THAT mom; I didn't want to be THAT THAT mom. 

I still don't know much about recording and producing, I learned a few things. (Jack will need to correct me, although I'm sure he's too busy to read his ol' mom's blog.) Anyhoo...Jack has always been into music, not only playing but mixing, etc. To make the EP, all of the parts were recorded separately, and then Jack mixed all of the parts together. I had zero idea that is what music production could entail. 

notre dame golden dome cookies

Cue March and their recording sessions got cut short and they couldn't record all of the songs they intented. Jack was able to put three of their songs onto Spotify...they're working on getting on Apple Music. The EP is aptly titled Unfinished; title chosen before COVID. The songs all beautiful to me, but if I had to choose a favorite, it would be Teresa. Give it a listen here

Wednesday Replay: August 5, 2020

Let's see what was happening on the blog this week in the archives, shall we? (Click on the titles to see the full posts.)

How to Make Candied Orange Peel
This is one of those things that is definitely better when made at home as opposed to store-bought. You're going to want it to make Great British Baking Show-inspired Irish Barmbrack

tea with the queen : earl grey shortbread cookie recipe |
If you know a fan of the royals, you'll want to make these Earl Grey cookies for them...preferably in the shape of the Queen. 

you are here map tilt
I loved these when I made them way back when, and really think I need to make them again. Make them for any state just by moving the wording around.

Da nuh
Da nuh
Da nuh Da nuh Da nuh Da nuh

What are you making this week? 

Chocolate Banana Date Bread

chocolate banana date bread
Are we still baking bread? Yes? Good. I am, too. I keep finding little bright spots in this pandemic, and one is the return of bread. It never fell out of favor our house, but it sure makes my heart happy that people are turning back to its goodness. It is the ultimate comfort food. 

chocolate banana date bread
This bread is decadent. Bordering on cake. Rich. Chocolatey. Soft and sweet. In other words, SO GOOD. 

I've developed a love affair with dates...dates as in Medjool dates. Please tell me you've had a chance to try these date squares. Since dates are sweet and sticky, I thought they'd be a perfect way to add sweetness and moisture to banana bread. Adding the dates to the mix enabled me to reduce a bit of the added sugar in the bread without losing sweetness. 

Wednesday Replay: July 29, 2020

This week's look back in the archives is a little eclectic. It involves cream cheese, cookies, pie...and homemade ice packs. Let's go!

From 2018, Vanilla Bean Cream Cheese
vanilla bean cream cheese spread or schmear for bagels
You really, really don't want to have another bagel without it. (OK...maybe stick with plain for your everything bagel.)

From 2011, Mon Cheri Decorated Cookies

So simple, so sweet. This post includes the tutorial for making them plus links to the recipes.

From 2017, Homemade Ice Packs
corn syrup ice packs
This post is a little nutty, but when Jack and I had our wisdom teeth removed, we used homemade ice packs in our recovery. These ice packs feel SO good...they're squishy and malleable. We have a few packs made and tucked away in the freezer in case of emergency.

From 2009, Texas Peach Pie
peach pie baked
Oh, do I ever need to update these photos! Don't let them deter you...this pie is PERFECT, especially when the summer peaches are at their best.