Chocolate Spiderweb Bakewell Tart

Chocolate Spiderweb Bakewell Tart

Since I started watching The Great British Baking Show, I've become obsessed with British bakes - even when I don't know what they are. Bakewell tarts were one of those. I finally tried my hand at making Bakewell tarts for Imperial Sugar last month, and they are exquisite! And surprisingly easy!

As I was making the marbled glaze for the top, I was immediately reminded of spiderweb cookies. Which gave me the idea for a spiderweb Bakewell tart. A chocolate-glazed spiderweb Bakewell tart, to be exact! 

Chocolate Spiderweb Bakewell Tart

I think this spiderweb tart needs to replace popcorn balls as the go-to homemade Halloween treat. Who's with me? The sweet crust, the cherry jam, the almond cream, the thick chocolate glaze - it's a winner! No one can resist this chocolate cherry bakewell tart! 

Chocolate Spiderweb Bakewell Tart

Look at that glaze and that buttery crust! 

The Easiest (and most delicious) Tortilla Soup

This is a little "inside Bake at 350 baseball," but several years ago, I decided that if I posted a savory recipe, I'd host it on a different site. The site was linked here and looks exactly the same, but the URL was different. Confused? Me, too. 

Long story long, I'll be bringing those recipes over here, so if one looks familiar, you're not losing your mind. Well, maybe you are, but it doesn't have anything to do with the recipe. Ha. 

Without further ado, my favorite tortilla soup...

We were not a family of soup-eaters.  Maybe because I grew up outside of Houston, where it *tends to be* on the warm side.  My mom made chili, she made stew (which I hated...even though, looking back, I really didn't hate it, I just liked to complain. Yes, I was *that* teenager), but soup?  Not so much.

This is the recipe that turned me into a soup-maker.  It's adapted from a recipe on the back of a can of beans.  In other words, it's fancy. ;) We eat it all year long, but especially when it's a chilly 78-degree fall day in Houston, it's perfect.

You'll need this:

How to Decorate Simple Pumpkin Cookies

How to Decorate Simple Pumpkin Cookies

Last week when I shared the butterfly/pumpkin/floral cookie set, the post was getting a little long...and a little photo-heavy. Nothing new, I know. But, I thought it might be best to save this little pumpkin cookie tutorial for another day. 

I've made many a pumpkin cookie throughout the years, but this style is slightly different. It's also super simple - you know I love a simple cookie.

How to Decorate Simple Pumpkin Cookies

Wednesday Replay: Halloween Cookie Edition

Looking for decorated cookie ideas for Halloween? I've got 'em for you! Let's take a little trip back to the archives. (Click the title for the details and tutorials!)

From 2019, Cutest Hairy Bat Cookies

cutest hairy bat cookies

Maybe bats are taking the blame for our 2020 woes, but I still love them. (This post includes details on the coolest bat cruise in Austin!) 

From 2009, Spiderweb Cookies

spiderweb cookies with tutorial

These cookies remain some of my favorites to this day. The color combos are infinite, and they're such a cinch to decorate! All you need is a circle cookie cutter. 

From 2017, Deviled Egg Cookies

deviled egg cookies

Y'all. I love these so much. Punny Cookies Forever!!! 

From 2018, Candy Corn Fang Cookies

candy corn fang cookies

This is about as creepy as cookies get around here. I'm not one for scary or gory cookies; these fangs with candy corn teeth lean more towards CUTE. 

From 2016, Uni-CANDY-Corn Cookies

uni-CANDY-corn cookies

Continuing on with the candy corn motif, unicorns with a candy corn horn. Yes, please. 

From 2013, Candy Corn Cookie Pops

angry candy corn cookie

Don't you just love candy corn with an attitude? This is a post I did for Parade years ago, and that angry candy corn still makes me laugh. 

Are you making Halloween cookies this year? 

Halloween Cookies So Easy to Decorate, It's Scary!

Halloween Cookies So Easy to Decorate, It's Scary!

You might be seeing a version of these cookies for every season, every event, every occasion imaginable. I love these splatter paint Halloween cookies!

*These cookies are sponsored by my sweet friends at Imperial Sugar

Halloween Cookies So Easy to Decorate, It's Scary!

Not only are these splatter paint cookies gorgeous and unique in their Jackson Pollock-esque design, but they're also easy and SO MUCH FUN to make! As I was making them, I was literally giggling and dancing around my kitchen. The cats were looking at me like I was crazy, and I always take that as a sign of a life well-lived. 

Halloween Cookies So Easy to Decorate, It's Scary!

The key to making these is the consistency of the splatter "paint" icing. 

Halloween Cookies So Easy to Decorate, It's Scary!

Halloween Cookies So Easy to Decorate, It's Scary!

Once the icing is the right consistency, it's time to flick away. This could be a fun project to do with the kids - if you don't mind icing flying around the kitchen. Maybe try it outside? 

Halloween Cookies So Easy to Decorate, It's Scary!

I'm sharing all of the details...including recipes and the full tutorial...over on the Imperial Sugar blog today. Click on over and make some this Halloween, or like I'll be doing, for every holiday!