Way Back Wednesday: October 16, 2019

Welcome to another installment of Way Back Wednesday! Let's take a look back at some goodies from this week over the past 12 years...

From 2014, Spooky S'mores Bars
spooky s'mores bars : bakeat350.net
This recipe is going a little gangbusters on Pinterest right now. And, it's reminding me that I need to make it AGAIN! Not only is it darling; it's delectable.

From way back in 2011, a technique for getting super precise cookie edges
how to get super precise edges on cookies
My friend Kristen from We Are THAT Family used to host a weekly round-up of helpful tips every Wednesday. This was one of mine.

From 2015, Spooky Swirled Meringues
spooky swirled meringues : bakeat350.net
Striking, Stunning, Spooky.

From 2018, Houston Astros Cookies
Houston Astros Decorated Cookies: Bregman Stare, Hugs for Homers, I Literally Love Justin Verlander, Springer Dinger, Astros Rainbow Jersey
Seems like it's that time of year again! Go Astros!

Black Cocoa Chocolate Cut-Out Cookies

Black Cocoa Chocolate Cut-Out Cookies : recipe for decorating cookies from bakeat350.net
Making decorated cookies for Halloween? You might want to switch up your usual sugar cookie recipe for something dark and delicious.

black and dutch-process cocoa powders
Black cocoa chocolate cut-out cookies use two types of cocoa powder: Dutch-process and black cocoa. Black cocoa is the secret to the Oreo's deep dark color. The trick is, you can't use too much of it, or your recipe will be bitter. A mix of cocoas is just the ticket.

Where to find black cocoa? I like the King Arthur brand. You can also find in on Amazon.

espresso powder and vanilla
Our other key players are vanilla and espresso powder. You won't taste either in the cookies, but they'll boost the chocolate flavor. (Don't worry about putting espresso powder in cookies for kids...there's a minuscule amount per cookie.)

The result is a substantial, soft, chocolaty cookie with a bit of bend before it breaks. It's said we eat with our eyes first, and these cookies tell the eyes, "This is a CHOCOLATE cookie!"

Sweet on Trader Joe's Sunday : Joe-Joe's Slims

Trader Joe's review : Joe-Joe's Slims ...from a weekly #traderjoes review series on bakeat350.net
Hey Howdy Hey! Happy Sunday! Today, the Mr. and I are reviewing Trader Joe's Joe-Joe's Slims.

Joe-Joe's are Trader Joe's version of Oreos. In previous posts, we've reviewed:
What I'm trying to say here is...we've eaten some Joe-Joe's.

Trader Joe's review : Joe-Joe's Slims ...from a weekly #traderjoes review series on bakeat350.net
These come in a 10.9-ounce box, and I can't remember the price. I'm sorry. (You were going to buy them anyway.)

How to Use Small Fondant Cutters for Cookies (so the dough doesn't get stuck)

*whew* That post title was a mouthful, but I couldn't figure out how to make it more concise. Maybe "Using Fondant Cutters - yada, yada, yada" would have worked.

How to Use Small Fondant Cutters for Cookies (so the dough doesn't get stuck)
Last week, I showed you the "I"m 50!" cookie set. The numbers for the double-decker "50" are made from fondant cutters. While I love these fondant cutters, cookie dough tends to stick in them. I use them mainly for stamping cookies...a look I love, and you can see here, but I didn't want to stamp this time.

Way Back Wednesday: October 9, 2019

It's week 3 of Way Back Wednesday, where we dive into 12 years of the blog's archives to revisit old friends, recipes, and cookies.

This week, we have mainly decorated cookies and one recipe that my mom made EVERY October. I hope Jack remembers my recipes someday. ♥

From 2015, Fall Floral Cookies
fall floral decorated cookies ... how to mix colors to achieve this color palette
Not your traditional color palette here, but oh-so-pretty for fall. In this post, you'll find how to make those little roses, a link to using an airbrush, how to mix these specific colors, and all about a charity close to my heart.

From 2013, Monogrammed Double-Decker Pumpkins
easy to re-create, monogrammed pumpkin cookies ::: full tutorial from bakeat350.net
Y'all, these are so cute to make for the kiddos...especially when you want to go the sweet instead of the scary or creepy route.

From 2012, Bride of Frankenstein Cookies
Bride of Frankenstein decorated cookies for Halloween (with full tutorial)
These are some of my favorite Halloween cookies. Yes, I love the design, but the story of the inspiration is really the best part.

Last but not least, from 2010, Witchy Wormy Cookies
Witchy Wormy Cookies, a classic "cookie" so fun to make with kids!
Not the prettiest, but suuuuuuuuper delicious. I really need to make and re-photograph these gems. Until then, enjoy the stellar *cough* photography, but most importantly, enjoy the cookies. My mom did made these every year - some for us and lots to share. Thanks, mom! ♥