Starting a Cookie Cutter Collection...Works for Me Wednesday

So, you want to start baking and decorating cookies?  Well, there's no reason why you need to fill your guest room closet with over 300 cookie cutters.  {Ahem.}

Here are a few to get you started on your collection...

Circle, Square and Rectangle.  These babies are obvious multi-taskers.  Squares can be a little tricky to find.  I asked for them at my local bakery supply, and the man there told me to get a ruler and hand-cut them.  After I stopped laughing, I left the store, hopped online and found one. 

Scallops.  Oh, how I love a scalloped edge.  Scallops = instant cute, instant pretty.  You don't need every shape with a scalloped edge, but I'd at least get one.

Hearts.  This is about a third of my heart cookie cutter collection.  I love can you not?  Hearts are always appropriate.

Daisy and Candy Corn.  Daisies are such cute and easy cookies.  They're adorable in their own, but I love to throw them in with another shape to make an assortment. (And don't think the shape is just limited to flowers.) Candy Corn...I know, that sounds weird, but the shape is perfect for making things other than candy corns.  How about a box of popcorn, or a face?

Present, Ornament and Tiered Cake.  All three of these are multi-taskers.  Presents: birthdays, name it.  Ornaments:  every Christmas seems to bring some new design for the good ol' ornament cutter.  Like this or this or this.  Tiered Cake?  Weddings, bridal showers, birthdays...this is one of my favorite cutters of all.

Now, where to GET cookie cutters?  Honestly, some of these have been in my collection for YEARS, and I've long forgotten where I picked them up.  Thank goodness for Google!  Try searching for the specific cookie cutter shape...even put it in quotes, such as "scalloped circle cookie cutter."

Here are a few websites I would check as well:
Do you have a favorite cookie cutter? 
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