The Traveling Cookbook

Today, I'm sending you over to LoveFeast Table.

Chris Ann and Kristin are doing something pretty neat to support their mission of raising $24,000 for Feed My Starving Children.  As part of their efforts, they began The Traveling Cookbook.

The Traveling Cookbook is a cookbook (I bet you guessed that part.) that travels (I bet you guessed that, too.) from blogger to blogger...each one making a few recipes from the same book.  The bloggers add doodles, stories, pictures along the way and ship it on to another blogger.

When the book is full of doodles and love, it will be auctioned off to support Feed My Starving Children.  How cool is that?!?

Well, I was just thrilled to receive the book from my friend Wendy.  You can read all about the book's time at our house by visiting LoveFeast Table.

There's cake. ;)

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