Book Signing (and cookies, too!)

Hey, y'all!  I'm going to be doing a little book signing of Decorating Cookies just north of Houston in The Woodlands on October 20th.

A. I would love, love, love for you to come...otherwise, Mr. E, kiddo & I are going to have a 2-hour long staring contest.

B. I'll be doing a little cookie demo (spiderwebs, anyone?).

C. It's at Hubbell & Hudson Market, from 12-2pm.  If you've never been to Hubbell & Hudson, oh, are you in for a TREAT!!!  It's one of my happy places. (Bring your wallet.)

D. There will be books available for purchase. (You may definitely bring books you've already purchased, but showing H&H some love for hosting us would be awesome!)

E. If you'd like, you can let H&H know you're coming by clicking here on their Facebook events page.

F. {{I'm bringing COOKIES!!!}}

And finally....I'd LOVE to meet you.  Be warned: I blush...a lot.  And, I'll be sweaty, and do the whole nervous laugh thing.  Other than that, it will be fabulous! ;)

Hubbell & Hudson. October 20th. 12-2pm. Cookies.
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