My #1 Tip for Rolling Cookie Dough

#1 tip for rolling cookie dough from bake at 350
Yep.  That's all there is to it. 

Flour your rolling surface, rolling pin, cookie cutters.  Heck, before I start rolling, I even dust my cookie dough with a little flour.  If your dough starts sticking to your rolling surface, throw on a little more flour.

I PROMISE this will not make your cookies dry.  I've made thousands and thousands of cut-out cookies this way using this cookie recipe.  If I'm using a chocolate cut-out recipe like the Chocolate-Hazelnut cookies in the book, I use a combination of flour and cocoa powder.

So, don't worry about rolling between layers of wax paper, or rolling in sticky powdered sugar.  Flour away!

Works for me!

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