Meet Lupita...

Isn't it funny how people come into your life at the exact right moment?
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Lupita and I have kids at the same school, in the same grade.  I've noticed as kiddo has gotten older, I know most of the moms of the boys in his class, but not the girls.  So, when Lupita and I met this fall, I was just shocked that A. we hadn't met before, and B. that we had so much in common.

Not only are kiddo and her daughter in the same class, but we both decorate cookies, are *slightly* overprotective parents, have curly hair, and we both wore gold sparkly ballet flats the first time we met for coffee.  Kismet!
meet Lupita: cookie decorator and blogger
You can see how absolutely GORGEOUS Lupita is...I am not kidding, she always is adorable.  She also makes the loveliest cookies!  The colors and details she adds on her creations are just so, so sweet!

She also made some of my most favorite cookies EVER in the world:
sweet nun cookies by Mil Grageas
Lupita has a new blog called Mil Grageas and I thought you needed to know about it.  I know you need to know about it.  What's's in SPANISH!!!  (Or, en Español, which is about the extent what I recall of my 4 years worth of Spanish class in high school.)  I know many of you who read the blog are Spanish speakers...and even if you aren't, you can always use Google Translate...or follow the pictures. ;)

Let me brag on Lupita a little bit (un pequeño...see what I did there? Actually, I'm not even sure I used that correctly) more. Yes, she makes beautifully decorated cookies.  She's also an phenomenal cook.

Remember those macarons I made recently?  She taught me how.  She also taught me to make crepes (OH my gosh...delicious); recipe is here in English, too.  Yeah, you'll want to bookmark her blog.
meet Lupita: cookie decorator and blogger
Don't even get me started on those minions.

PS....go say hi! 

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