Decorating Cookies Party: Book Signing and Cookie Party Dates

decorating cookies party: book signing dates (houston, tx)

I would love, love, love to meet you and talk cookies (and Trader Joe's, and Real Housewives of Melbourne)!  I have three local Decorating Cookies Party events to tell you about...each one different and special in its own way.

1. November 7th: Signatures Author Series Event
This is where I'll be hanging out with Tyler Florence.  Well, we'll be in the same LARGE ballroom...does that count?  Anyhoo...this is a super neat event that one of the private schools in our area puts on as a fundraiser every year.  A bestselling author comes in to speak (they've had Katherine Stockett, Jodi Picoult, Candace Bushnell)...this year is Tyler Florence.  There's lunch, and a handful of local authors are invited to sign books as well.  I'll be there.  Come see me and we'll get brave and go talk to Tyler.  ;)  Signatures Author Series is a ticketed event. Click the link for more information.  The event takes place at the Woodlands Waterway Marriott.

2. November 15th: Book Signing
I'll be signing books at the Barnes & Noble in The Woodlands, TX from 1-3pm.  Come and go...I'll be the one at the table with the Sharpies...talking to myself.  I  might even bring cookies. ;)

3. November 22nd: Cookie Party & Book Signing
OK...this one is interactive.  Want to come decorate a cookie from the book?  Yes!  Yay!  Also in The Woodlands, Hubbell & Hudson Bistro has undergone some incredible renovations and we'll be some of the first people to utilize the new upstairs space along with the former Viking Cooking School Kitchen.  This is a ticketed event.  With each $25 ticket, you'll get to decorate a cookie from the book (to take home or EAT there), and receive a signed Decorating Cookies Party (no need to bring a book, it is included with the ticket).  To purchase a ticket, click below...must be purchased in advance (so I know how many cookies to bake.) :) Last day to buy tickets: November 18th.

{This button is for the Cookie Party Signing #3...NOT the Signatures Author Series event.}

Can't wait to SEE you!!!

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