We're still here. ♥

Thank you so much for your messages. We're fine. Other than a small leak in our roof...that Mr. E thankfully noticed right away...we're dry.

The last few days have been surreal. The scope and scale of the flooding in our area is unbelievable. We watch the news, flipping channels, and on every one, hour after hour, there are more stories of heartbreak and devastation.

What we also see, though, is story after story of love. Of neighbor helping neighbor. Of stranger helping stranger. Too many stories to document.

There will be more of those stories. Most of Houston is impassable. We all feel helpless. Unless you have a boat, you're not going to get across town, or even down the road in some cases. Word went out yesterday from local shelters and food pantries for help. After a few hours, more word was sent that they were FULL. Full of supplies, full of volunteers.

I hope the take-away from this storm is that we're really not that divided. Real life is not the divisive news, the hateful comments on social media. Real life is what is happening in Houston and south Texas right now. It's love.

I'll get back to baking and blogging...and resources for helping if you'd like...soon. Thank you again for checking on us. ♥

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