Churro Ice Cream

Churro Ice Cream | bake at 350
One of my husband's most uttered phrases is, "this would be really good with ice cream." I could serve him a bowl of ice cream and he'd probably say the same.

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So, I guess that mindset has rubbed off on me in almost 23 years of marriage. Churro ice cream seemed like an idea that needed to happen.

make churro cookies | bake at 350
 churro cookies | bake at 350

Since I didn't think that actual churros would hold up well to being in an ice cream base (don't you think they'd get soggy?), I made churro cookies as a mix-in.

churro ice cream | bake at 350
The churro cookies hold up well in the ice cream and also are served alongside the ice cream as a garnish...or a utensil?

The ice cream is a creamy cinnamon-sugar base strewn with pieces of cinnamon-sugar cookie. Very churro-inspired.

churro ice cream | bake at 350
I'm sharing my recipe over on Imperial Sugar. Go get it! 
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