Sweet on Trader Joe's: Pitted Amarena Cherries review

Trader Joe's Amarena Cherries review

Trader Joe's Pitted Amarena Cherries. This may be a first for our Trader Joe's reviews...I've actually used these in a recipe before reviewing them. More on that in a minute. 

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Trader Joe's Amarena Cherries review

These cherries come in a 16-ounce jar; look for them on an endcap or near the jellies and jams. I believe they are seasonal, but I don't know how long their "season" is. 

The cherries are pitted with stems intact. Similar to Maraschinos, Amarena cherries are sweet and packed in syrup. A jar costs $4.49. 

Trader Joe's Amarena Cherries review

Trader Joe's Pitted Amarena Cherries review:

She says: Oh. My. These cherries are one of my favorite Trader Joe's finds. I thank Flavia for that. They're sweet and decadent in a thick, luxurious syrup. No artificial colors or flavors. As much as I love a Maraschino cherry, these are better. The cherries are more flavorful with a sumptuous syrup. Amarena cherries are like Maraschino's very sophisticated aunt who lives on the Amalfi Coast, wears red lipstick, a scarf, and big sunglasses.

Overall rating: 5 of 5 stars

He (Mr. E) says: I like cherries.  A LOT.  Mostly in pies, as a topping on ice cream sundaes, or in milkshakes.   But these were super rich in flavor, not like the cherries you normally come across.  I’m not much of a mixed-drink, adult beverage kind of guy (beer or whiskey, please and thank you), but I had cocktails on the brain after just two of these cherries. 

Overall rating: 4 of 5 stars

How to use Amarena cherries? 

  • in a drink or cocktail (hello, cherry Coke!)
  • in a recipe, like this Amarena Cherry and Chocolate Marbled Bundt Cake!
  • on a cheeseboard
  • to top an ice cream sundae
  • for a gift with a bottle of booze and some pretty glasses
  • ...right out of the jar

Trader Joe's Amarena Cherry Coke

Y'all. These cherries make for the most sophisticated cherry coke ever. 

Trader Joe's Amarena Cherries review + recipe

Oh, and here's that Amarena Cherry and Chocolate Marbled Bundt Cake I made last year. It's dreamy. 

Trader Joe's Pitted Amarena Cherries : Be sure to pick up a jar (or three!) while they're in stock! 

[note: We have no affiliation with Trader Joe's. I'm sure they have never read this blog and have no idea who we are. Hey, we like being incognito, although we never wear sunglasses indoors. ;)]

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