Double Chocolate Macarons

Double Chocolate Macarons

More macarons, please! 

Double Chocolate Macaron in bowl of chocolate chips, with bite and coral lipstick

Let's add double chocolate macarons to our ever-growing list: hazelnut macarons, orange macarons, Mexican chocolate macarons, vanilla bean macarons, simple my brain, there is a running list of more and more macarons! 

*this recipe was created for my friends at Imperial Sugar

Double Chocolate Macarons, stack of two

Chocolate lovers, these are the macs for you! A cocoa-flavored shell with that thin, crisp exterior and chewy interior is sandwiched with a fluffy bittersweet chocolate ganache. Oh, and they're topped with a chocolate drizzle. Hello, my loves. 

Double Chocolate Macaron in bowl of chocolate chips

Here are a couple of hints for macaron-making...

Macarons taste BETTER after the sit. You can also make the shells and the filling in advance. Importantly, after filling them, store them in the refrigerator for at least a day for the best flavor and texture. 

Need a dessert to make ahead? Macarons to the rescue! Pop them in the fridge or even the freezer (!), and they actually get better with age. Refrigerator: about a week; Freezer: a few months. This makes them a perfect dessert for bridal showers, tea parties, and weddings. 

How to Make Double Chocolate Macarons

Double Chocolate Macarons ingredients in bowl

Start by making the "shells" or the cookie part of the macarons. The ingredients are simple, with the main players being almond flour, egg whites, cocoa powder, and, you guessed it, Imperial Sugar. 

Sifting the dry ingredients is essential. Don't skip it! 

macaron making stiff peak stage on whisk with Imperial Sugar box in background

Whip those egg white until it reaches a stiff peak. You'll want the meringue to be collecting in the bowl of the whisk attachment. 

Double Chocolate Macaron shells piped

Double Chocolate Macarons, piped and dried

Pipe the macarons, then let them sit. They're ready for the oven when they look dry instead of glossy and can be lightly pressed on top. This helps form their cute little feet. 

collage, making ganache

You'll heat cream and pour it over chocolate to make a ganache for the filling. I love a ganache. 

collage, making whipped ganache, filling macaron shells

Once the ganache has cooled and thickened, you'll whip it to make it fluffy. This is the filling for the macarons. 

Double Chocolate Macarons with chocolate drizzle, side view

When they're all filled, drizzle some melted chocolate across the tops so they scream (or at least make an emphatic statement), "I'M CHOCOLATE!"

Find the full recipe over on Imperial Sugar today! (You'll also find a treasure trove of other sweet recipes there, too!) 

Double Chocolate Macarons, stacked

Make them and tag me and Imperial Sugar on Instagram with your photos! We want to see your macs! 

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