Chocolate Chip Candy Bar-Stuffed Cookies

Chocolate Chip Candy Bar-Stuffed Cookies on copper wire rack

Soft, bendable chocolate chip cookies with a mini candy bar inside? Yes, please! These surprise-inside cookies are perfect to make with "leftover" holiday candy! 

*this recipe was created for my friends at Imperial Sugar

Chocolate Chip Candy Bar-Stuffed Cookies with mini Reese's

The first thing you need to know about these cookies is that the chocolate chip cookie itself is incredible. Add a mini candy bar in the center, and you add a little bit of magic! 

mini candy bars unwrapped on cookie sheet

Chocolate Chip Candy Bar-Stuffed Cookies ingredients with imperial sugar

You can make these with all one kind of candy bar, or make them using assorted candy bars from a pack...or from your kiddo's Halloween treat bag. ;) Or, hear me out, grab a few bags of candy when they're 1/2 price after any holiday! 

It's fun to bite into one, not knowing what you'll get! 

Chocolate Chip Candy Bar-Stuffed Cookies in white kitchen

What are the best candy bars to use for Chocolate Chip Candy Bar-Stuffed Cookies?

Anything chocolate! Depending on the size, you might need to cut them in half. The ideal size piece is about a 1-inch square. Don't get out your ruler, though - just eyeball it. Here are our favorites:

  • mini Reese's cups or pumpkins
  • mini Almond Joys
  • mini Hershey Bars
  • mini Snickers
  • mini Milky Ways
Basically, I just wouldn't put a Starburst in there. 

cookie dough in bowl of kitchenaid mixer. Eggs in background

Chocolate Chip Candy Bar-Stuffed Cookies, cookie dough

The cookie dough is simple to make - no browning butter, no 36-hour chill time. It does need a chill, but only 30-45 minutes. 

#24 cookie scoop and bowl of chocolate chips

chocolate chip cookie dough bowl and scooped onto cookie sheet

I used a #24 cookie scoop to test these, and it worked like a charm. I highly recommend investing in a few cookie scoops for uniform cookies. You can also measure out about 3 tablespoons of dough for this recipe.

Chocolate Chip Candy Bar-Stuffed Cookies with mini almond joy

You'll wrap the cookie dough around the mini candy bar and bake. 

The cookies will have golden brown edges and look slightly underbaked when you pull them out of the oven. The cookies will set up as they cool, resulting in a soft, bendable, luscious cookie center. 

copper measuring cup on kitchen counter

I accidentally took this picture when baking these. It's not super helpful, but I liked it. 

Chocolate Chip Candy Bar-Stuffed Cookies with bags of imperial sugar

You can find my full Chocolate Chip Candy Bar-Stuffed Cookies recipe on Imperial Sugar.

Tag me and Imperial Sugar, and let us know your favorite candy to use!

Chocolate Chip Candy Bar-Stuffed Cookies on cooling rack with mini candy bars

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