Good Eggs

I just love that expression..."good egg." Does anyone even use it anymore? "He's a good egg." Maybe I am dating myself!
eggs names karen
Here's one more Easter cookie idea for you...decorated Easter egg cookies.

These personalized cookies would be really cute if you're hosting a group for Easter. You could use them as placecards on your Easter table. Or maybe you could sneak them to the adults while the kids are hunting eggs and elbow-deep in chocolate bunnies.eggs waiting for names
Getting ready to add the names here....I used an AmeriColor Gourmet Writer (food coloring pen) in purple. Be sure to do this after the cookies have dried overnight and use light pressure with the pen. I had several extras on hand and used everyone of them. Sometimes I press too hard and most of the time, I'm not happy with my handwriting. :)eggs names patrick
For more info on how to make the dots, click here. To make the squiggly lines, follow the basic instructions for dots (adding the line color on top of the WET flood icing), but squeeze lines instead of dots across your cookie. Make all of the lines that you want in one the cookies above, I used 3 different colors, then drag a toothpick through your lines alternating up and down.
{Yes, several toothpicks were harmed in the making of these cookies.}

The eggs look pretty cute without personalization, too. I like to alternate the dots and squiggles for the different sections.
eggs dots squiggles side
To make the yellow scalloped lines (my favorite part of the cookie), pulse or add pressure to the icing bags as you are piping a line across the cookie. It's a good idea to practice first on a sheet of wax paper or a paper towel.

Be sure to check out the King Arthur Flour scone giveaway!!! Drawing will be Sunday night!

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eggs happy easter!

Happy Easter!!!

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