Good Eggs

I just love that expression..."good egg." Does anyone even use it anymore? "He's a good egg." Maybe I am dating myself!
eggs names karen
Here's one more Easter cookie idea for you...decorated Easter egg cookies.

These personalized cookies would be really cute if you're hosting a group for Easter. You could use them as placecards on your Easter table. Or maybe you could sneak them to the adults while the kids are hunting eggs and elbow-deep in chocolate bunnies.eggs waiting for names
Getting ready to add the names here....I used an AmeriColor Gourmet Writer (food coloring pen) in purple. Be sure to do this after the cookies have dried overnight and use light pressure with the pen. I had several extras on hand and used everyone of them. Sometimes I press too hard and most of the time, I'm not happy with my handwriting. :)eggs names patrick
For more info on how to make the dots, click here. To make the squiggly lines, follow the basic instructions for dots (adding the line color on top of the WET flood icing), but squeeze lines instead of dots across your cookie. Make all of the lines that you want in one the cookies above, I used 3 different colors, then drag a toothpick through your lines alternating up and down.
{Yes, several toothpicks were harmed in the making of these cookies.}

The eggs look pretty cute without personalization, too. I like to alternate the dots and squiggles for the different sections.
eggs dots squiggles side
To make the yellow scalloped lines (my favorite part of the cookie), pulse or add pressure to the icing bags as you are piping a line across the cookie. It's a good idea to practice first on a sheet of wax paper or a paper towel.

Be sure to check out the King Arthur Flour scone giveaway!!! Drawing will be Sunday night!

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eggs happy easter!

Happy Easter!!!



  1. WOW! All of your cookies are fantastic, but I especially love these! My daughter is allergic to eggs, which puts a bit of a damper on the egg-dyeing festivities. Allergies to nuts, too - which eliminates candy-filled plastic eggs at neighborhood/church egg hunts. But these - we could have dozens of these.... :)

  2. They look fantastic!

    Love how you said there were toothpicks harmed in the making of your cookies, ha-ha!

    Happy Easter to YOU!!!

  3. Not only do all your cookies look great, but I love your photography techniques. I'd like to be more creative when taking pictures of my children.

  4. OK, these are adorable. If I send you the names for our Easter gathering will you make them for me? *wink*

  5. They do look fantastic. I am working on Easter cookies this week. Thanks for the inspiration.


  6. I bought a bunny-shaped cookie cutter...but I'm getting cold feet. My hubby thinks I should just pay you! But I'm on a frugal kick....

  7. Thanks for being a good egg and sharing!

  8. once again adorable :) i love the ones with names.

  9. Aww those are awesome. I *almost* got roped into making some cookies this week and thought of you and wished you lived next door. Are you going to write a book soon? No, seriously! You should!

  10.'re too sweet! I know your cookies would be FABULOUS...just like everything else you make!!!

  11. Once again you have outdone yourself--these are amazing! They look so perfect, I am in awe.

    I love your baking blog and have left an award for you here:

  12. Your eggs are gorgeous!! I love the diverse decorating style. Happy Easter. :)

  13. I have heard the expression "he's a bad egg" - I love when I hear people say that! The cookies with the names are just wow.

  14. Wow, what a wonderful blog!!! First time here! I can't get over how beautiful your cookies are! :) Thanks so much for sharing!

  15. Fantastic! I am going to start on these tonight. I do not want to buy any candy for the kids baskets as the gparents will cover that but wanted to give them something sweet and special. These foot the bill. Speaking of sweet, vote now for the bet PEEPs on my blog

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