Milkshakes of Desperation

It was New Year's Eve.  Mr. E and I took kiddo and a friend to a basketball game.  We decided that on the way home, we would stop for a treat at a new restaurant in town famous for their "fancy" milkshakes.  I'd just gotten an email from the restaurant that day stating they would be open for New Year's Eve. 
milkshakes of desperation (ice cream sandwich milkshakes) #milkshakeweek
All through the game, I thought of those milkshakes.  No champagne toast this year, but oh, how I was looking forward to my shake...and looking forward to surprising the boys with a special NYE treat.

On the way home from the game, we pulled into the restaurant parking lot.  I could see a few tables were filled, but not many.  We walked in the door, and a host came up immediately, "I'm sorry. We're closed."

What?  CLOSED?!?  "Oh," I said, "we're just here for milkshakes to go."  To which he replied, "we closed at 9 and have already shut down our milkshake machine."  Y' you ever get your heart set on having something and then broken when you find out you can't.  This is an example of how my motto is "live to eat," and not "eat to live."

I'm embarrassed to say that I pouted a bit.  OK, maybe a lot.  I'd been planning my milkshake order for a good 5 hours at this point.  I'm twice as embarrassed to say that when I double-checked the restaurant's email from earlier in the day, they clearly stated that they would be closing at 9pm.  Oops.

milkshakes of desperation (ice cream sandwich milkshakes) #milkshakeweek
So, once we were home, I was BOUND and DETERMINED to have a milkshake.  Small problem...we had no ice cream

Ice cream sandwiches to the rescue!!!  Blended up with a splash of milk, and a good glug or two of fudge sauce, and you're in milkshake heaven.

milkshakes of desperation (ice cream sandwich milkshakes) #milkshakeweek
I highly recommend Blue Bell Ice Cream Sandwiches...if you don't have them where you live, any non-diet brand will do.

For the fudge sauce, I've used homemade and store-bought.  Homemade is my favorite (here's the recipe I use), but store-bought is also delicious. 

milkshakes of desperation (ice cream sandwich milkshakes) #milkshakeweek

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Milkshakes of Desperation (Ice Cream Sandwich Milkshakes)

7 ice cream sandwiches
2-3 TBSP milk
1/4 cup (feel free to eyeball this) fudge sauce, store-bought or this recipe

Break up the ice cream sandwiches into about 3 pieces each.  Place in a blender along with the milk and fudge sauce.  Blend until smooth.

Divide between two or three chilled glasses.

milkshakes of desperation (ice cream sandwich milkshakes) #milkshakeweek
Adding whipped cream and a cherry is fine, but remember, you're desperate and probably don't have time for all of that. ;)

You know what?  It's Milkshake Week!  Oh yes, it is!  The brainchild of Julie and sure to check out their posts all week, as well as the other bloggers who are also celebrating:
Woo hoo!  Let's hashtag it!  #milkshakeweek  Oh, yeah!

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