A Night Under the Stars Prom Cookies

Last week, I shared the step-by-step tutorial for making the marbled star cookies. (Find it here.) Now, here's the entire set of prom cookies. I thought this was a really pretty theme for prom...and a fun one for cookies.

Obviously, I don't have a prom-goer at home anymore. Our little birdie finishes up his sophomore year of college this week. WHAT? Let me tell you...as a parent, the college years go by waaaaaaaay faster than any other time. It's insane.

What were we talking about? That's right...prom. I don't have tutorials for all of these, but I'll walk you through some of the highlights.

I loved these shooting star cookies! The cookie cutter was in a unicorn-themed set that I picked up at Joann's. For the tail, I piped the three colors using petal tips with the narrow end pointing up. It was an easy cookie to decorate, and the result was super fun. 

These were inspired by string lights. Once the base of the cookie was dry, I piped the strings and then placed star sprinkles onto dots of icing. 

The gold luster dust was applied with a wet application. I mixed it with Everclear, but you can also use vodka. Don't worry...the alcohol evaporates! 

Have you seen the small packages of sprinkles at Micheal's and Joann's? They're perfect for making your own sprinkle mixes. That's what I did for these sprinkle star cookies. Easy peasy. Seriously, get yourself to one of those places and make a sprinkle mix of your own...I could stand in that aisle, imagining mixes all day. 

A Night Under the Stars...a night for cookies. 

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