Orange Curd Tartlets - a dose of sweet sunshine!

Orange Curd Tartlets
Maybe it's weeks on end of stay-at-home orders, but I'm craving SUN! Funny, for a homebody girl who loves the indoors and isn't much for beach vacations, boy would I love a chaise lounge chair in the sun right now. I'm longing for sunshine and bright, sunny flavors alike.

*this recipe is sponsored by my longtime friends and partners at Imperial Sugar

Orange Curd Tartlets
These Orange Curd Tartlets fit the bill! A cream cheese pastry crust filled with a thick, tart, and sweet homemade orange curd - each one is a two-bite burst of sunshine. (OK...maybe Jack and Mr. E would call them one-bite wonders.)

One majorly awesome note here is that each element can be made in advance. The curd can be made a week ahead and the shells the day before assembly.

Orange Curd Tartlets
The curd starts with eggs, sugar, orange, and butter. I mean...

Orange Curd Tartlets
...don't you want to dive into the bowl? At this point, you'll refrigerate the curd for at least 30 minutes. If storing longer, just let it sit out a bit before filling the shells.

Making the shells couldn't be easier. You'll need only three ingredients - cream cheese, butter, and flour. That's it. Roll into balls and place in a mini muffin tin.

making Orange Curd Tartlets
I used the back of a citrus reamer to press the dough into the cups. You can use the end of a thick wooden spoon, a drink muddler, or just your fingers.

Bake the shells, cool, then fill with the curd.

Orange Curd Tartlets
The only topping needed is a dusting of Imperial Sugar confectioners powdered sugar. Voila!

Orange Curd Tartlets
I'm sharing my recipe over on Imperial Sugar today! Go get it and treat yourself to a little sunshine! ♥
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