Lemon Raspberry Ice Pops

lemon raspberry ice pops

It's still hot here. And humid. Did I mention it's hot? Yeah. Here's my cure: lemon raspberry ice pops! They're tangy, creamy, cold, and sweet! 

*this recipe was developed for Imperial Sugar

These ice pops are super simple to make. Spend 10 minutes putting them together, pop them in the freezer, and you're all set. 

First, you'll make a simple syrup and let it cool. Combine that with lemon yogurt, lemon juice, and raspberries. 

Pour into silicone ice cube molds. I LOVE this 2" cubed one! The silicone mold makes them easy to pop out once frozen.

how to make popsicles in a silicone mold

Stretch a piece of plastic wrap tightly across the top of the mold. Use a thin knife to pierce the plastic wrap in the middle of each section. Slide the popsicle stick into the hole. This will keep the sticks in place while the pops freeze. 

lemon raspberry ice pops

Give them a few hours in the freezer, and you're ready to beat the heat with a tangy-sweet treat! 

I'm sharing the recipe over on Imperial Sugar! Go grab it and make them this weekend! 

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