How to Make Decorated Iced Valentine Cookie Pairs

I'm in the mood for...cookies. Let's get real. I'm always in the mood for cookies, Valentine's Day or not. 

Valentine's Day is peak cookie season. Not Christmas. Not Halloween. Valentine's Day

Even a self-avowed "valentine hater" loves getting a heart-shaped cookie. It's a scientific fact. 

Here are some favorite decorated iced valentine cookie pairs, or "We Go Together Cookies," that you can make at home! 

Life is Butter with You - Toast and Butter Valentine Cookies

we go together like toast and butter cookies

You're my butter half, punny valentine cookie tutorial

Or, "You're my Butter Half!" In this cookie tutorial, learn how to make this darling cookie set, including the art of "Frankenstein-ing" a cookie. It's not as scary as it sounds! 

Olive You! - Martini and Olive Valentine Cookies

olive you, punny valentine decorated cookies

olive and martini decorated cookies

Attention olive sellers...if you make olives with heart-shaped holes for the pimentos, I'll spend my last cent making sure I always have them stocked in my house. In the meantime, we'll make martini and olive cookies. OLIVE YOU cookies - and how to make them.

You're the Mushroom to my Swiss - Mushroom and Swiss Burger-Inspired Valentine Cookies

how to make: you're the mushroom to my swiss "we go together" valentine cookie

how to make: you're the mushroom to my swiss "we go together" valentine cookie

Inspired by Whataburger. I'll admit that I'm a teensy bit in love (read: completely obsessed) with this cookie set - and I don't even like mushrooms and swiss on my burgers! In this decorated cookie tutorial, you'll learn the secret to making swiss cheese hearts! Who doesn't want to know that?!?

Sock it to Me! - Pair of Socks Valentine Cookies

punny sock valentine cookies

punny sock decorated cookies




This post includes the how-to for making valentine cookies and about 17 sock puns. You're welcome and I apologize.

True Love - Famous Couple Valentine Cookies

true love, famous romance decorated cookies, lucy and ricky

true love, famous romance decorated cookies

While not punny or food-related, I'll show you how to make simple, classic heart cookies inspired by some of the most famous romances in history and pop culture. OK...mostly pop culture. I wish I could go back in and add Roy and Keeley

Remember, no matter which Valentine's Day cookies you make, you'll need an excellent cut-out cookie recipe

May I suggest my go-to vanilla-almond cut-out recipe or these Nutella cut-out cookies? Don't forget a no-fail royal icing recipe, too! 

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