Raspberry Brownies

Raspberry Brownies

Here's the headline: When my husband tasted these, he said, "I don't think I want a regular brownie ever again. I only want these."

*this recipe was created for my friends at Imperial Sugar

Raspberry Brownies

What can you expect from these brownies? Well, if you've ever eaten a Godiva Raspberry Truffle (thank you, Aunt Janice, for introducing me), you'll find these to be that truffle in brownie form. 

That quote from my husband is high praise considering that we take our brownies VERY seriously around here. As in, we already have some killer, go-to, completely delectable brownies recipes we love:

The tart and sweet raspberry swirl that runs through these brownies is truly a thing of beauty. Add freeze-dried raspberries to the batter, along with a dusting of freeze-dried raspberry on top, and you have yourself some swoon-worthy brownies. 

Raspberry Brownies with bite

These are FUDGY brownies...not cakey. Cakey is for cake. There, someone had to say it. 

Raspberry Brownies

How to Make Raspberry Brownies

Raspberry Brownies, raspberry sauce

Raspberry Brownies, raspberry sauce

It starts with a raspberry sauce. You'll make it with frozen raspberries (no thawing required), Imperial Sugar Extra Fine Granulated Sugar, water, and cornstarch. 

I like to strain the sauce to remove the seeds. 

freeze-dried raspberries in white bowl

Next, you'll pulverize freeze-dried raspberries into a powder. 

freeze-dried raspberries in food processor made into powder

This gets stirred into the brownie batter and sifted on top of the cooled brownies. 

Find freeze-dried raspberries at Target or on Amazon. I've also seen them at Trader Joe's, but they currently seem to be out of stock. 

Want to make a pattern on top of your brownies? 

Raspberry Brownies with stripes

Use strips of waxed paper to make a pattern, then sift the freeze-dried raspberry powder over the top. Carefully lift off the waxed paper. 

Raspberry Brownies, heart-shape

I love that the raspberry swirl makes cool patterns in the brownies. Do you see the heart? Tell me you see the heart! 

Raspberry Brownies

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