Is it Better to Sit or Stand When Decorating Cookies?

filled piping bags in bright colors with ramekin of sprinkles

Should you sit or stand when decorating cookies? 

The short answer to that question is: do what feels best for you. 

BUT. I want to share the tip that has saved me from an aching back and tense shoulders for years. 

decorated cookies tutorial step-by-step collage

I have decorated thousands of cookies over the years. Maybe tens of thousands. Birthday cookies, wedding cookies, Christmas cookies, Valentine cookies, floral cookies, silly cookies, and even a weird Don Draper cookie that looked exactly like Mitt Romney. I've spent a lot of time covered in royal icing

The point is...I've logged some hours decorating cookies. I always preferred to work standing up. I felt like I could get a better angle with the piping bag, and sitting felt awkward. 

One night, when I crawled into bed with an aching back and sore shoulders after a long day of cookie decorating, my husband said, "Why don't you raise your work surface?" 

Friends, this is why you marry an engineer. 

tray of cut-out cookies on stack of cookbooks

So, I started putting my cookie sheet on a stack of cookbooks. 

overhead view of decorating cookies in process

women in yellow sweater decorating cookies

Eventually, I graduated to a step stool...I usually have one in the kitchen anyway. It was perfect! 

cookie tray for decorating on step stool and kitchen table

So, my answer to the age-old question: Is it Better to Sit or Stand When Decorating Cookies? STAND...and raise your work surface! 

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