It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time...

Me (whining to husband): I think my cookies are a fail.
Him: That's what you get for messing around with Don Draper.

*sigh* I should have known better.
Are you ready for Sunday night?  You know, the return of Don, Betty, Joan, Peggy, Roger, Pete...the gang?

I'm talking about my beloved Mad Men.  Season 5 starts Sunday and I thought I would make some really cool Mad Men cookies to celebrate.

Really cool turned into a kinda fail.

Here's how these cookies came about...

Every now and then, I like to look at the "keyword" searches that bring people to the blog.  Most you might expect, like "Bake at 350" and "my royal icing is sticky."  Sometimes they are really, really funny...I've seen more than one search for "butt cookies."  Hmm.

Anyway, one day I came across someone who found my blog searching for "Tom Selleck cookies."  I've never made Tom Selleck cookies, but I have mentioned him in a post before.  So, I wondered what other "Tom Selleck cookies" might be out there.

I found these.  Awesome, right?

So, I thought I'd use the same technique to make Don Draper cookies.

They'd be all cool with captions like...

As it turns out, my Don Drapers look more like Mitt Romney than anything else. that not the spitting image of Mitt Romney?!? I mean, Mitt is pretty handsome and all, but he's no Don Draper.

{I asked kiddo who they looked like and he said "a cross between Mitt Romney and that Blagojevich guy."  He knows of Blago...that scares me.}

IF you want to try this method, and be warned, it takes about 142 hours, here's what you'll do...

  • Find an image and resize it to the size you want.  Don't make it too small since you'll be cutting out small details.
  • Print one copy of the image in's easier to see the edges this way, and another in black and white. 
  • Cut around the edges of the color copy.  This will be your template for the cookie shape.
  • Using an X-acto knife, cut away the black areas of the black & white copy.

  • Lay this cut-out on top of your dough.  Use a paintbrush to fill in the uncovered areas with food coloring. {I used a 1:1 mix of AmeriColor Super Black and water.}
  • Freeze the painted cookies for 10 minutes before baking to prevent spreading.  Then, bake as usual.
Oh, I also made a Joan.  I love Joan...a woman with curves...on TV!  Woot!  Let's hear it for the curvy girls!  {OK...I'll stop cheering now.}  The Joan cookies didn't turn out so hot, either.

Oh was fun to try.  And I'm STILL excited about Mad Men.  I may even make a martini. On a Sunday night. {I won't; but quite possibly there will be a glass of wine involved...and cookies, definitely cookies.}
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