When I first learned to add flat dots in my icing, I loved them so much, I wanted to add them to everything!

You can use varying shades of the same color, or different colors.

A few tips for adding dots...

  • Thin both colors of icing with water to approximately the same consistency, like a syrup. One shouldn't be noticeably thinner than the other.
  • Flood the cookie with the base color first and spread with a toothpick.
  • While the base color is still wet, add the dots using a squeeze bottle. The dots must be added to the wet icing, but do give the base color a few minutes to set. Adding the dots right way, especially dark on light, may cause some bleeding into the main icing as it dries.
  • If the bleeding does happen, don't's just a cookie! Most people won't notice and just want to eat them. :)
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