19 sheets to the wind...

Yep...19. I have 19 cookie sheets. Mostly I use them to transport cookies from my "holding area" (dining room table) to my "decorating area" (kitchen table).

Which ones do I use for cookie baking? After experimenting, I prefer the dull looking cookie sheets; I'm sure they are sold as non-stick, although I always use parchment paper. I've tried the professional half sheet pans...they feel nice, very stable and weighty and not bendy at all, but those result in a cookie that is really soft on the bottom. That's great, but I like them a little more sturdy since I'll be handling them during decorating and usually bagging and boxing them. A little bit of brown on the bottom helps.



  1. I love this picture. I've wondered what kind of baking sheets you like. Thanks.

  2. that's a lot of cookie sheets!!!

  3. Wow! 19! I can't imagine ever using that many. I'm impressed!

  4. Do you use the rimmed ones for baking as well? Do you have any secrets for keeping them flat? Mine tend to get bent then the cookie is bent or the icing flows too far one way when flooding.


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