Deep in the HEART of Texas

There is just something fun about living in Texas. I didn't fully appreciate it until we moved out-of-state for a few years. While Alabama was beautiful and I'd move back in a heartbeat, I missed Texas. That's silly to miss a state, right? Texas isn't the most beautiful and I certainly could do without the humidity in the area where we live now, but I still somehow feel that Texas pride.

I think Lyle Lovett captures Texas in music so absolute favorite is That's Right (You're Not From Texas) , but Texas wants you anyway...take a listen if you have time. What I love about Texas:

  • bluebonnets,
  • boots & jeans are acceptable attire just about anywhere,
  • the Astros,
  • my grocery store sells Texas-shaped tortilla chips and crackers,
  • driving down any country road, you are liable to get a "steering wheel wave" from every passing pick-up know what I'm talking about...the hand doesn't leave the top of the steering wheel, but the fingers go up, or you might just get a one-finger acknowledgement. No, not that finger...Texas is friendly! :)
  • particular, Chuy's
  • beef , not pork, BBQ and the Lone Star Beer to go with it.

So, my husband left for work today with these Texas cookies for a few customers.

  1. Using a #2 or #3 tip, pipe the outline of Texas in white royal icing.

  2. Pipe a vertical line a little less than halfway across and then a horizontal line across the rest of the cookie to section off the areas of the flag.

  3. Thin blue, red and white icing to a syrup-like consistency and cover with a damp dishtowel. Let sit for several minutes. When ready to begin, stir gently with a rubber spatula and pour into a squeeze bottle. (Blue: AmeriColor Royal Blue with a drop of AmeriColor Navy, Red: Spectrum Super Red)

  4. Fill in the left half of the cookie in blue. Use a toothpick to guide into corners.

  5. Fill in top of cookie in white.

  6. Fill in bottom of cookie in red.

  7. Let dry for at least one hour.

  8. Change the tip on the un-thinned white icing to a #4. Pipe a star near the center of the blue section. If desired, lightly dampen finger and tap out any ridges in the star.

Here are a few more Texas cookies I've made over the years:

I love these yellow rose cookies. Someday, I need to learn the words to the "Yellow Rose of Texas".
These cookies were for one of my sister's best friend's weddings. The bluebonnets were drawn on with food coloring markers.

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