We're heading off to my son's tennis class with these belated Valentine tennis cookies. I was picturing them cuter in my head :), but I think the kids will like them. I toyed with the idea of making pink racquets with red hearts and red racquets with pink know, really valentine them up...but got vetoed by the boys around here. Next time, I'll bake first, ask questions later!

Those hearts are big heart sprinkles from Sur La Table. I just attached them with a little blob of royal icing (piping consistency) on the dried cookies.


  1. I love these! Great colors, too!

  2. Thanks! What did you end up making? :) I want to see pictures!

  3. Love your blog and your cookie decorating skills. The banner is very cute too!

  4. I feel like a child again...

    They look so yummy!!!


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