Olive You!

I made these cookies last year inspired by a Valentine card I bought for my husband. This same sweet husband actually made the cutter as well because I couldn't find one that was "just right."

To make these Olive You Martinis....

  1. Outline martini glass design in white roayl icing using a #2 tip.
  2. Pipe a line across the top where the pink "drink" will end. (see picture)
  3. Thin white and pink icing to syrup-like consistency and cover with a damp dishtowel. Let sit, stir gently with a rubber spatula to pop air bubbles. (AmeriColor Deep Pink)
  4. Pour pink icing into a squeeze bottle and fill martini. Use a toothpick to spread into corners.
  5. Pour white icing into a squeeze bottle and fill in top of martini glass and bottom of stem. Use a toothpick to spread into corners.
  6. Let cookie set at least one hour.
  7. Using a #12 tip, pipe an olive/circle where the pink meets the white icing. (AmeriColor Avocado) If the olive ends up with a point on top, slightly dampen a finger and lighly tap to make more flat. (Too much water will change the color of the icing.)
  8. With a #1 tip, pipe a red heart in the center of each olive and make an arrow-shaped stir stick. (AmeriColor Super Red)



  1. so cute! how did he make the cookie cutter?!! i'm impressed.

  2. I love your cookies! You have great tips for us beginners. You've been tagged!


  3. Brilliant! How creative you are!!

    I hope there's a post on your blog about how your dh makes your cookie cutters, that's too cool!

    I love making cookies, but always have trouble getting started on them. I start thinking about how much time it will take. Then, when I actually do get started I realize "This isn't a big deal!" LOL. Hopefully adding your blog to my feeds will help me stay motivated to make some cut outs. (My kids LOVE doing this!)

    Thanks for the great blog!

  4. Hi Angie! I feel the same way sometimes. Even while I'm decorating them, I wonder if they are going to "turn out" and by the time they are all finished and packaged, I wonder what I was worried about.

    Thanks for the comment! Come back soon...and send pics of your cookies. I'd love to post them!

  5. good for souvenir I like it so much thanks for sharing.


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