Cookies for soldiers: part 2

UPDATE April 2021: Hey guys! I've since updated the recipe for these flourless peanut butter cookies. You're only 6 ingredients away from peanut butter cookie goodness. Leaving this post up for posterity's sake, but visit the new post for the recipe! 

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to make cookies for the soldiers for Father's Day! Here's a peek at our contribution. I figured decorated cookies weren't going to make it traveling all those miles, so we made checkerboard cookies and peanut butter cookies.
I wanted to send something chocolate, but thought that chocolate chips might be a mess, so I decided on these checkerboard cookies made with vanilla and chocolate dough. The recipe and instructions come from The King Arthur Cookie Companion. The cookies aren't hard to make, they just take a little time. There is a lot of cutting (my bench scraper worked best for this) and stacking, but a lot of the time is letting them rest in the freezer between cuts.
This has to be my favorite part of the package. I asked my son to make a Father's Day card or picture for the soldiers and this is what he can up with. You can see what constitutes a celebration in our house...cookies & beer! :) I know his grandfather is so proud!

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