And the winner is...

My official, impartial name selector...

...and the winner is....

I am so happy that anyone entered at all!!! Over 20 comments and only 3 were relatives!!! Wow, I'm amazed! :) I will do this again; it is fun!

The funny thing about the drawing was that I was reading the comments to my husband and Bethany asked in hers if I was "the cookie angel." I said to my husband..."well, that's it. I'm sending them to Bethany right now." :) I guess a cookie angel was looking over her name in the drawing!!!

Bethany...I didn't see a way to contact you, so please email me. There is a link to my email at the very bottom of the blog (and in the comments from the last post). Thanks! Off to decorate some cookies...


  1. I love the thumbs up picture!!!
    ha! Somehow I missed this giveaway.

    Next time!


  2. I was out of town & I missed the drawing too :( Hopefully you have another one soon!

  3. Your selector looks to have a good sense of humor!

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