Things are not always what they seem...

I love cookie cutters. For me, they are hard to resist. OK...the copper cutters that cost $12.95 plus shipping are a little easier to resist than the tin ones costing $2.95, but having the perfect cutter is really fun.

Do you always have to have the perfect cutter? No. Take a look at the cutters in your stash/basket/closet. Turn them around, look at them with a different eye. What else could they be?
These little bees were made with my pumpkin cutter. Is the shape perfect? No. Did it work? Absolutely. Not a soul said, "hey...this is supposed to be a pumpkin!"

I love this bee! It is perfect for so many occasions. With a note attached, the cookies can say:

BEE my honey
You've been a busy bee!
Thanks for BEEing there!
BEE sweet
You'll BEE great!

Have you re-purposed any of your cookie cutters?
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