Things are not always what they seem...

I love cookie cutters. For me, they are hard to resist. OK...the copper cutters that cost $12.95 plus shipping are a little easier to resist than the tin ones costing $2.95, but having the perfect cutter is really fun.

Do you always have to have the perfect cutter? No. Take a look at the cutters in your stash/basket/closet. Turn them around, look at them with a different eye. What else could they be?
These little bees were made with my pumpkin cutter. Is the shape perfect? No. Did it work? Absolutely. Not a soul said, "hey...this is supposed to be a pumpkin!"

I love this bee! It is perfect for so many occasions. With a note attached, the cookies can say:

BEE my honey
You've been a busy bee!
Thanks for BEEing there!
BEE sweet
You'll BEE great!

Have you re-purposed any of your cookie cutters?


  1. Bridget, You must BEE the smartest cookie on the plate. Those are adorable.


  3. I would have to have a BUZZ on to BEE that creative!

  4. Very clever idea, maybe you could use the pumpkin cutter for an apple??

  5. Cute Bee!
    I use my jersey shaped cookie cutter for a polo shirt and a Hawaiian shirt. Not as clever as your pumpkin/bee idea though!

  6. Your bee is adorable! The cutter I have re-purposed the most has got to be the good 'ol "heart" cutter. I have used it countless times to make a bra and panty set that seems to put a smile on everyone's face. It is certainly not my own idea, but I adapted it and made it my own! Thanks so much for sharing all of your wonderful ideas with us! I love reading them all.

  7. I am so with you on the versatility of using kitchen items or anything for that matter for a different purpose! The cookies turned out great Bridget!

  8. I order a lot of my cookie cutters from The Cookie Cutter Shop. They have hundreds. Yes, I have re-purposed my cutters too. I think my heart cutter has probably been used for other things the most. Love the bees! Thanks for more hints!

  9. I've been thinking of using this Christmas Angel as some kind of bug like a bee or something since I was wanting to make some fun bug cookies and don't have too many cutters.

  10. Great idea Bridget! I run the Gifted and Talented program in my school district and can only imagine what creative new ways the kids would come up with. They always have a different perspective!

  11. I made a cupcake cookie with my crown cutter:)

  12. you can use a cowboy hat as an alien in a saucer!


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