got icing?

Just a little peek at the icing I made last night. One of the things I love about royal icing is that is can be made ahead of time. I've heard a week or more, but I never plan that well. This icing is for cookies I'm making today and tomorrow.

Once the icing is made and tinted, I press a sheet of plastic wrap on top of the icing, then cover and refrigerate. When I'm ready to use it, I just bring it to room temperature.
....and here's my helper sneaking into a picture of goodies from a trip to the bakery supply store. I am so happy to have a stash of my beloved Ateco meringue powder! I hate that Sur La Table quit carrying it! Ooooo...and I was really excited to find black non-pareils! :)


  1. What a cute helper you have there. Wow that is alot of icing how many cookies are you making? I can't wait to see the final pictures :)

  2. 2 questions: Can you use the squeeze bottles for outlining the cookies neatly? And, what is the royal icing and sugar cookie recipe that you like to use the most?

  3. Hi loveatfirstbite! Love your name! :)

    I just follow the meringue powder recipe on the container (it's always a little different based on brand)...adding a little clear extract towards the end. I prefer to use Ateco.

    Take a look at the posts tagged "livestrong" and you'll find a recipe there. :)


  4. Oh...sorry, I forgot to answer...I only use squeeze bottles for the flood icing and disposable pastry bags for outlining. :)

  5. Do you find that your icing is clear and syruppy on the bottom of the containers? This happens to my leftovers, that just sit overnight, which is why I never make the icing ahead of time. But I also don't refrigerate it, maybe that's the reason.
    BTW if you're interested, I only use disposable bags, for every icing consistency.
    Here's a place to get them cheap and you can get bigger ones for large jobs.
    They're in the baking section with decorating supplies.

  6. the cookies turned out so cute!
    You are so creative!
    "Hi", helper!

  7. Did you notice if Make A Cake has ivory non-pariels? I may makie a run this weekend. I am in College Station but my sister is in Houston. Its a football weekend --- so a good time to be gone. Adozeneggs -- I saw your site -- I grew up near Stowe. Its like a small town for me here! =)

  8. Jean....I didn't notice, but they do have a lot. A little hint when you go...they have jars of non-pareils, but lower down on a shelf nearby, there are BAGS of them in more colors (I had to dig around to find the black ones). Try giving them a call...I've always found them to be very helpful. I'll bet they could tell you. :)

  9. Laura...thanks for that link for the bags. I'm going to check that.

    My icing doesn't get that syrup-y "stuff" in the refrigerator. Maybe that is the secret! :)

  10. Hi!
    I was looking through some of your older posts and saw the CK (Country Kitchen) supplies and had to look where you are located. Country Kitchen is my "go-to" place for candy/baking supplies and I am fortunate enough to the original store in my hometown.

    Love your cookies and all the photos and tips you share. I just thought it was fun that even though we are miles apart we had that fun little bond.

  11. Storage boxes in the refrigerator are convenient


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