Cookie decorators, meet your new best friend...

...the toothpick!
Yes, besides my Kitchen Aid mixer and rubber spatulas, the toothpick is the tool I use the most when cookie decorating.

Toothpick, how do I use thee...let me count the ways...

  1. to spread/guide flood icing into the corners of cookies,
  2. to pop pesky air bubbles in flood icing,
  3. to nudge piped icing into the right spot when my hand is a little shaky,
  4. to add just a bit of food coloring to royal icing without adding too much,
  5. to drag through wet flood icing to make squiggles, feathers, hearts, etc., (see below)
  6. to move my pre-made monogram into the right place when I've dropped it off-center,
  7. to clear out an icing tip that has gotten a little too dry,
  8. and, to scrape all of the icing off of a cookie when I have messed up big time,

I know I will think of more...I've gone through thousands of these things! Anyone else use them?

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