These little superhero cookies are perfect for your Halloween superhero or for a birthday party!
To make cookies:
  1. Using a #2 tip and yellow icing (or another hair color), pipe in the outline for hair and fill with piped icing. (AmeriColor Egg Yellow)
  2. With red icing and using a #2 tip, pipe the outline of the shirt. (AmeriColor Super Red)
  3. Along the bottom of the shirt, pipe an orange line using a #3 tip. (AmeriColor Orange)
  4. With a #2 tip, pipe the bottoms/shorts outline with black icing. (Spectrum Super Black)
  5. Using the red icing with the #2 tip, add the outline for the tights.
  6. With a #2 tip, pipe the outline of the face and hands using a flesh tone icing. (AmeriColor Copper/Fleshtone)
  7. Using the black icing with the #2 tip, pipe the outline of the cape and boots.
  8. Thin black, red and flesh tone icing to the consistency of syrup. Cover with a damp cloth and let sit several minutes.
  9. One color at a time, stir gently to pop bubbles that have formed on top. Pour into a squeeze bottle and fill in outlines. Use a toothpick to coax the icing into all corners and to edges.
  10. Allow the cookies to dry at least one hour.
  11. With the black icing and a #2 tip, pipe details on cape and go over outline of the boots.
  12. Switch black icing to a #1 tip and make eyes on the face. (If making a mask, pipe the eyes in a different color, then pipe the mask in black.)
  13. With red icing and a #1 tip, pipe a smile on the face.
  14. Using yellow icing a #2 or #3 tip, add a letter to the superhero shirt.
  15. Let dry overnight, package and eat! :)

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