Orange-tinted Candy Corn Cookies

I don't make tinted dough very often, but it is really fun and makes cookies a little extra special.
To tint cookie dough, add gel paste food coloring after the dough has come together and knead in by hand. Gel coloring doesn't mix in like the liquid food coloring I grew up with, so kneading it is the way to go. For a really cool marble effect, knead only until there are swirls of color throughout your dough.
Once the flood icing was dried, I went back over the edges and borders of the cookies with some warmed corn syrup (meringue powder mixed with a little water works, too) using a small paintbrush and added some sparkling sugar.

Do you know that October 30th is National Candy Corn Day? I learned that from A Dozen Eggs last week! Who knew? A great snack mix....candy corn and salted peanuts....yum!!!
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