Valentine cookies with va-va-va-vanilla

Is it just me, or are cookies with little specks of vanilla bean peeking through a little exciting?
Instead of my usual vanilla/almond cookie, I decided to make use of my vanilla bean paste for some mini valentine hearts. I used 2 teaspoons of vanilla bean paste instead of the usual 1 teaspoon of extract. I just love those tiny flecks of vanilla bean in the dough!
Of course, we had to test them, just to be sure! :)
I also added a few drops of vanilla extract to my royal icing, since I was tinting it all red. (Want more info on red icing? Click here.)
I bagged them all up to give away...minus a few more "test cookies"...but last night after dinner, we decided our family needed a bag, too!
Happy Valentine's Day!!!
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