Yes, I said, Yes, I will, Yes!

Thirteen years ago tonight, my husband proposed. Valentine's Day had come and gone and I was left thinking WHEN IS THIS GOING TO HAPPEN?!? He had other plans....he wanted to throw me off guard, I think. Over a loaf of Great Harvest Bread Company bread (you knew there was food involved, right?!? He's a smart man!) and glasses of champagne, the question was popped. M...THANK YOU for asking!!! I still say YES! :)

To make the cookies:
  1. Outline a diamond shape in white icing using a #2 or #3 tip.
  2. Outline the shape of the ring, inner and outer circle, in yellow using a #2 or #3 tip (AmeriColor Egg Yellow)
  3. Thin white and yellow icings with water until the consistency of syrup. Cover with a damp dishtowel and let sit several minutes.
  4. Run a rubber spatula through the icing to break any air bubbles that have formed on top. Pour into squeeze bottles.
  5. Fill in the diamond on white flood icing. Use a toothpick to guide into corners.
  6. Fill in the ring with yellow icing.
  7. With a #3 or #4 tip, fill in the center of the rings in pink (AmeriColor soft Pink).
  8. Let sit at least one hour.
  9. With a #2 tip, pipe "yay!" across the cookies.
  10. Let dry overnight.
  11. Mix a small amount of meringue powder with water.
  12. Paint mixture on the diamond with a small paintbrush and immediately sprinkle with clear sparkling sugar.

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  1. Love proposals! This "frosted" COOKIES are fun... have a nice week, Bridget :)

  2. Just found your blog, from your "neighbors". I just posted about heart shaped cookies as well. From a little different approach! So glad I came acrossed your blog! Have a great day!!

  3. So absolutely adorable. Love them. You are so talented.

  4. how sweet :) the cookies are awesome!

  5. i hope you didn't post this before. i can't find it anywhere. but you mentioned putting the icing into bottles. i am totally in love with decorating cookies and cakes, but i'm pretty new to this kind of thing and i've never heard of using bottles for icing. what kind of bottles do you use? do the tips fit on them? i hope i don't sound totally ignorant! just hoping to learn something new! plus i always have trouble with bags, hand cramping, icing squishing out where it's not supposed to, sweat pouring down my face, you know the usual! =)

  6. Hey Tote, etc... :)

    I use the plastic squeeze bottles just for the thinned "flood" icing. You can find them at Michaels and even at WalMat in the craft/candy making section. I don't put tips on those; I just use the top they came with.

    For the piped/outlined icing, I use disposable piping bags with the tips. One trick I've found to keep my hand from cramping is not to fill the bag more than about half full. I guess it takes less pressure that way.

    Happy cookie making! :)

  7. Awesome...I LOVE these.

    This post really made me smile.


  8. Those make me want to say 'I do' all over again. You are so creative!

  9. Amazing!!! Please consider entering these into the 'eating your words' challenge at

  10. Love your site. I just popped over from We Are THAT Family.

    I wish I had a tenth of your talent, you make such beautiful treats.

  11. You are welcome for the shout out! Your blog is very neat and is inspiring me to do some fun things! I went to walmart and bought the candy melts and I am going to attempt to do something cool with them.

  12. Wow!! These are sooooooo adorable. I can hardly stand it. I just might have to surprise my hubby and make these for our anniversary.

  13. Happy proposal anniversary!
    Your so right about filling the bags! Whenever I have to write or pipe lots of detail I fill several bags a little less than half full. (like when we had to pipe 7500 snowflakes!!)

  14. Love blog and your story! Great Harvest Bread is good stuff!

    I would love to make these rings for my best friends bridal shower. Her engagement ring is white gold. Any suggestions for making a silver color wedding band? Can I use the americolor black? If so, how many drops would make silver? Thanks so much!


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