Monday, March 16, 2009

Feelin' Lucky? (a giveaway!)

Anyone feeling lucky today? Remember my blogging neighbor over at We Are THAT Family? Well, today she is hosting a Bake at 350 cookie giveaway on her blog...yay!!!

You must enter on her hop on over! It ends Wednesday night, so go, go, go!!!


  1. OK, I'm covering all my bases. I want to enter on both blogs, because I thought both of you said to enter on the other person's blog :O). You guys are so lucky to have each other for neighbors! So much fun to be had! Just in case, my email is Thanks :O)

  2. Fun to have a blogging neighbor...none of the people I know in real life are into it like me. :(

    Your scones on the previous post...divine. I have not seen those lemons but will watch for them as I adore all things lemony.

  3. I just wanted to make a quick comment.... I found you're blog through " We ARE THAT family" and I've loved reading both of your blogs...... You two ladies are lucky, lucky to have each other as neighbors!

  4. Thanks for offering the give away. You are so talented.

  5. Thanks for offering your cookies! They look amazing!

  6. wow what an amazing response to the giveaway!! I am so happy you have a neighbor and friend it is the best :)

  7. I just found your site and wow you are making my mouth water! Very impressive job with all your baking.

  8. Happy St. Pat's! Love the shamrocks withe the heart!

  9. Thanks for the info....Happy St. Paddy's Day!

  10. Guess I don't need to enter, do I? I already have some of the "preview" cookies. Luck dude, I am, indeed.

  11. You surely look like you enjoy you job. What a perfectly heavenly and artistic job you do!! You have a great neighbor!! Would love to see those snapshots of your cute little home!

  12. I'll tell you what I told your beautiful neighbor ... "I am DYIN' over here!!!" First I saw the yellow flower cookies ... dying ... scroll scroll ... oh no, more! DYING! I will either win or I will run someone over tryin' to get to the grocery store for some pathetic slice-n-bakes ... which sounded supergood until I saw YOURS and started *DYING*!

    Your new friend who is drooling on her keyboard,

  13. Oh good heavens. If you were my neighbor, I doubt I'd be such a recluse.

  14. I am covering all my bases as well and post on both. As I thought the same thing as waht Alice said.

    Waht fun to bothbe bloggers and to have someone who makes such great cookies living next to you.

    I love to bake cookies. I am inspired to break out my cookie cutters and make a surprise treat for my daughters.

    My e-mail is

  15. Okay Bridget -- what kind of rolling pin is in that picture? Is it silicone? And how heavy is it? Those metal handles are intriguing me -- I am on a quest for a new rolling pin. How pathetic is that? =)

  16. NOT pathetic! I am always scouting out blog pictures!

    My dad :) bought that rolling pin for me a few years ago. It is silicone and I believe it came from Sur La Table. I love it! Hmmm...let's's not super heavy, but heavy enough. I'm sure that doesn't help at all! :)

  17. Bridget --you're the best. I'll check out Sur La Table next time I'm in Houston. Thanks for validating my rolling pin envy!

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