A kitchen must-have...Works For Me Wednesday

What works for me everyday in the kitchen? My bench scraper!!!
Do you have one of these babies? Obviously, they are wonderful at "scraping the bench," or scraping dough off of a counter top.
It's the perfect tool for dividing dough...just press straight down. Not just bread dough, but..
...scones, too! I used my bench scraper to transfer this sticky dough (uncooked and cut into eighths) onto my cookie sheet. Try that with a spatula! :)But, what do I use my bench scraper for most? Cutting brownies and blondies and pies, oh my! No ruining the bottom of the pan, no glob of brownie stuck to the knife (although, I do kind of miss eating that), just perfect slices.
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{Update...if you are looking for a bench scraper, here's where to get one just like mine!} :)

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