Still celebrating...with Mint Chocolate Chip Cake Truffles!

Yes, St. Patrick's Day has come and gone, but we're still celebrating. I can't seem to find the energy to take down my decorations, but I did manage to make some Cake Truffles! :) Plus, we like to bring some goodies to the volunteers at the Food Pantry when we work...showing up empty-handed during a holiday week was not going to happen!

The trouble started when I accidentally bought these....

...MINT chocolate candy melts when I planned to make Gingerbread Cake Truffles. I'm an adventurous eater and all, but mint & gingerbread doesn't do it for me.

I saved them for St. Patrick's WEEK, and made Mint Chocolate Chip Cake Truffles.
I'm embarrassed to say I have no shamrock sprinkles in my arsenal, thus the green stars! :)
The cake balls are made the same old way...this time using a white cake mix, tinting the batter green. I added mini chocolate chips when rolling the balls. They look and taste like mint chocolate chip ice cream.

These got hubby's vote as "favorite cake truffle."

Like these? Check out....

Oh, and a little friend of a Bake at 350 reader is up for Nick Jr.'s Super Fan award. She is the cutest little thing...Grace. You can vote for her here. (She's holding and kissing her ragdoll...that she made...she's 4!) Grace also just donated her hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. What a sweetie! :)

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