Still celebrating...with Mint Chocolate Chip Cake Truffles!

Yes, St. Patrick's Day has come and gone, but we're still celebrating. I can't seem to find the energy to take down my decorations, but I did manage to make some Cake Truffles! :) Plus, we like to bring some goodies to the volunteers at the Food Pantry when we work...showing up empty-handed during a holiday week was not going to happen!

The trouble started when I accidentally bought these....

...MINT chocolate candy melts when I planned to make Gingerbread Cake Truffles. I'm an adventurous eater and all, but mint & gingerbread doesn't do it for me.

I saved them for St. Patrick's WEEK, and made Mint Chocolate Chip Cake Truffles.
I'm embarrassed to say I have no shamrock sprinkles in my arsenal, thus the green stars! :)
The cake balls are made the same old way...this time using a white cake mix, tinting the batter green. I added mini chocolate chips when rolling the balls. They look and taste like mint chocolate chip ice cream.

These got hubby's vote as "favorite cake truffle."

Like these? Check out....

Oh, and a little friend of a Bake at 350 reader is up for Nick Jr.'s Super Fan award. She is the cutest little thing...Grace. You can vote for her here. (She's holding and kissing her ragdoll...that she made...she's 4!) Grace also just donated her hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. What a sweetie! :)



  1. Oh yum! I don't usually do anything for St. Patrick's Day but these would make me change my mind!!

  2. Grace is very cute! It looks like she has a lot of votes.

    Those mint truffles sound Fab! I will have to try that out.

  3. I heart Mint Chocolate Chip. I heart cake truffles. Mint Chocolate Chip PLUS cake truffles???

    Excuse me while wipe my chin from the uncontrollable drooling...

    I had no idea that "mint chocolate" was an available Wilton's flavor. I think I might cry... and then go make some truffles...

  4. Those look great! Did you say you mixed mini chips with the cake and frosting or that you just sprinkled them onto of the dipped cake ball.

    Btw, I voted for little Miss Grace. She is a cutie!

    Oh, there's something for you over at my blog! :-)

  5. Thanks for the Gracie shout-out! Please vote everyday! She's SO CLOSE to the #1 spot and the contest ends Tuesday!

    And YUM on the truffles! I will have to try these because my 8 yr old's favorite flavor is mint chocolate. We were inspried by your site and he invented his own recipe to give as treats to his classmates for valentines. We made sugar cookie dough and flavored it with mint and tinted it pink. I cut it into heart shapes and baked them on lollipop sticks and when they cooled, I coated them in dark chocolate and drizzled white chocolate all over the top and sprinkled it with Andes mint chips (they're pink & white striped). We wrapped them in plastic wrap and tied them with curly ribbon. The kids thought they were so tasty and the parents couldn't believe we made them ourselves!

  6. Thank you SO much for mentioning my daughter! And thank you to everyone who votes!!!!

    All the finalists at Nick Jr. are Super Fans, we're just glad of the support for our Gracie to be the number one fan.

    Also, for full disclosure, Gracie and I made the scrap doll together. She was VERY sure of how it should be made, including how much stuffing she put in, how long the hair should be and whether she should have clothes on. My only requirement was that if she was going to sleep with her, it all had to be squishy.

    It is, and she does!

    Thanks again,
    Alexandria (Gracie's Mom)

    PS. I drooled over those chocolates!

  7. Oh this sounds absolutely yummy. Now I just need to find a way to replicate it dairy-free

  8. We are so addicted to little cake truffle/pops etc around here. We are making cupcake ones for my daughter's wedding, and I might be making other ones for a friends wedding. Wow, these sound delightful.
    :) Bake on!

  9. These look delicious!Something my hubby would love too!

  10. Ingrid...I mixed them in with the cake and frosting.

  11. Let me know if the house next to you ever goes on the market.

  12. A good reason to keep on celebrating!

  13. Those truffles look awesome, I love mint with chocolate! And your four leaf clover cookies are decorated so perfectly!

  14. Your truffles are beautiful! I love the cake truffle idea - I have never tried them, but it sounds like a great idea. I will have to give it a try.

  15. I love your blog!

    Perhaps you've buried it, but I don't see a post intorducing yourself to The Ultimate Blog Party. I enjoy your blog so much, I'm sure there are other bloggers participating who would enjoy it, too! I hope you'll do it (if you're not already).

  16. Simple yet unique-- By the way, new challenge at my blog-this time involving PEEPS.

  17. Everything looks as yummy as usual. I just wanted to let you know that I gave you a blog award for being creative and inspiring. YOu can go here to see it:
    It is okay if you don't have time to do anything with it or even acknowledge it. I know you are super busy I just wanted you to know you are inspiring to me.

  18. Like, duh...these were the best cake balls EVER! The mint chocolate sends these puppies to my top 10 list. And, with the amount of baking around here, the turnover on this list has been increasing recently. YUM!

  19. Wow! I'll have to keep an eye out for those candy melts. These look like GREAT truffles! YUM

  20. I love Mint Chocolate combination... I have to try these cake truffles... great photo, Bridget :)

  21. What kind of icing did you use in the cake balls? I always see Cream Cheese is that the best or the only one that should be used? I wonder because I am not a cream cheese fan so I was wondering if you could use vanilla or something else?

    I love your site...


  22. Lovinsanta...I did use cream cheese for these, but used chocolate frosting for the gingerbread cake truffles I made at Christmas. You really can't taste the cream cheese, but I think vanilla would work just great. :)

  23. Thank you so much for the info and I can't wait to make cookies with the flow icing, but scared that I will mess them up.

  24. So, I made a version of these yesterday. I may have added too much icing to the cake because it seemed a bit creamier than yours looks (chocolate cake), but the effect was fabulous!!! So far 2 non-family tasters have enjoyed them and one asked me for the recipe! ^_^

    And, of course, I enjoyed the result. Not an easy preparation with a fussy babe and having to make the frosting from scratch, but TA-AY-STEE!! ^_^

    Now I want to try more flavors of cake and melted toppings. Oh, the possibilities!

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