A baker's best friend...Works For Me Wednesday

I ♥ bread.

I've never been on a low-carb diet, and I never will be. OK, "never" is a strong word...I never EVER will be!

Bread-lovers and bakers, let me introduce you to your new best friend/s....the folks at King Arthur Flour.
They're not just a flour company. They are a one-stop baking resource.

Do you know their website has recipes?

Have you visited their Baker's Banter blog?

King Arthur even has a baking "hotline"(!) and an email address for baking questions. {A real, live baker actually answers your questions!!!}

Here are a few goodies that I've made with the help of King Arthur...
white bread sliced

white bread 101
White Bread 101. {That's what it's called in the King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion.} Want to make you're own bread for sandwiches and toast? Start here. One bite and you'll cringe at the thought of buying store-bought! Make it healthier by using white whole-wheat flour or a combination.

cheese bread
Oh yeah, babe! Warm bread filled with yummy cheese...need I say more?

checkboard cookies
Checkerboard cookies...I never would have attempted them without help of the King Arthur Flour Cookie Companion.
checkerboard collage
Well, there you have it. King Arthur books, website and blog work for me. They are my go-to places when I have a baking question or need a recipe. I think you'll like them, too.

Come back later this week for an exciting announcement!!!

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