Flowers for Mother's Day

I say ditch the bouquet this year and give mom some flowers that she can eat! ;)

Here are quick and sweet little tulip cookies for Mother's Day....I have a box in the mail to my mother-in-law and my grandmother. {Shhhh....don't tell!}
tulips 2
{ camera hates pink; sorry if the colors look a little strange!}

I see this cookie cutter just about everywhere...the grocery store, Michaels, Target. It makes a great, basic cookie and a really good one for decorating with kids.

To make them:
  • Outline the tulip shape using a #2 or #3 tip using royal icing. (I used AmeriColor Lemon Yellow and a mix of AmeriColor Deep Pink and Electric Pink.)
  • Add water to the pink and yellow icings, reserving some of the piping icing, to the consistency of a thick syrup. Cover with a damp towel and let sit several minutes.
  • Run a rubber spatula through the icing to pop any air bubbles that have formed and transfer to squeeze bottles.
  • Fill in the cookies with the thinned icing, using a toothpick to guide into the corners.
  • Let dry at least 1 hour.
  • Using a #3 tip, add a stem in green (AmeriColor Leaf Green).
  • With the reserved piping icing, add the tulip detail on the flowers.
tulips oops
Oops! Has this ever happened to you? Flood icing leaking? Either it's flooded over the piped edge or there's a gap in the border and the piped edge isn't touching the cookie (this happened to me A LOT when I was first learning.) On the cookie above, it's flooded over the first piped edge. Not to worry, it breaks right off. :)

In the mood for more flowers? Check out these daisies and the yellow rose cookies I made for my mom. ♥


  1. Every time I see your cookies, my mouth waters.


    It's like Pavlov's Dogs.

    I think I need help.

  2. I must have had my ESP on. I *tried* to make cookies for the mothers this year, but failed pretty miserably. I had more flooding run off than staying on. Cookies not flat enough, icing waaaaayyy to runny. Oh and I tried red. Ha. Not cool. Not cool at all. (They still taste good though...) I nearly went into sugar shock trying to lick up all the frosting spills. Oh, and to make this the longest comment ever, is there such a thing as an electric sifter? Because if not, there really should be. :)

  3. Such gorgeous cookies! They look too good to eat. You have a real talent!

  4. Those look great! Lucky ladies. I am doing some cookies today.

  5. I have definitely had the icing overflow.....
    I am currently working on decorating 225 tulips for a large order.

  6. are cracking me up!

    I agree, there should be an electric sifter!

    If you notice that your thinned icing is a little too thinned, sift in some powdered sugar until it thickens up. It helps. :)

  7. Super cute!! I love the daises too. You are so talented!

  8. These are lovely. Did you make some for YOURSELF???

  9. Happy Early mother's day to you!

  10. Love to give Mom COOKIES, Bridget! And thank you for making the TUTO, I love it! Have a nice day :)

  11. I make cookies often, but have never been brave enough of mail them. I would appreciate advice you have on that!
    PS. your cookies are fabulous!

  12. We too have learned to "erase" some of the mistakes on our cookies. Learning to put down an edge that doesn't fall off the edge makes all the difference -- but I'm glad to know that sometimes the "edge ooze" happens to all of us!

  13. Alton Brown from Good Eats uses his food processor to "sift" flour & sugar. I haven't tried it but I plan to once I get a new food processor (mine broke a couple of days ago :-().

  14. sooooooo..what sugar cookie recipe do you use!? I've tried three, and keep failing!


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