Friday, May 1, 2009

Kentucky Derby cookies

If you live in or near Amarillo, boy do I have a party for you!
horse purple
My dad ordered these Kentucky Derby cookies for the local Ambucs' Derby Days party. Derby Days is a charity event with food, music, drinks and entertainment. The event raises money to buy AmTrykes for children with disabilities.

Physical therapists use the AmTrykes to help kids with cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, spina bifida, hemi paresis or motor, sensory, general developmental delay, and autism. Ambucs also provides scholarships for therapists.

Click on over for more information on the Derby Days event or for information on the AmTrykes and how to make a donation. Derby Days supports a great cause, and I can tell you, these Ambucs members know how to have a good time. It will be a blast!
horse orange the cookies....
horses detail
I like this picture because you can kind of see the horses some to life. The cookie on the left has just been outlined and filled. The cookie in the middle has been piped with details in brown, and then the one on the right has the added color detail.
horse purple
I'm not sure what you have to do to get a cookie. My dad ordered 120 and I know there are A LOT more than 120 people who attend. Here's my advice....ask for John who brought the cookies. Tell him you're a blog reader's what will really help...refill his beer glass. I can't promise anything, but, never hurts to ask! :)
horse red

Don't forget to enter the See's Candies giveaway...drawing to be held Saturday night!

Come back tomorrow for ONE MORE quick Mother's Day giveaway!!! YAY!


  1. These are so cute!! I especially love the photo of the steps to make them. :-) And what a great cause - the kids will love them!

  2. LOL, I'll be sure to just bring a pitcher of beer when I walk up to him! Beer for cookies? Ha-ha!
    The cookies look great!

    Happy Friday!

  3. these are so cute :)Sounds like a great time!

  4. I LOVE your horse cookies.
    The design is simple and just adorable!!

  5. I so LOVE your blog and get so excited when you post another hint or picture....

    Now as I try to get the nerve up to try my hand at cookies (not sure I have it in me because yours are beautiful and I don't like failure)...I have a question. Do you ice your cookies and just leave them out? How long do leave them set out and do they get hard that way (the cookie itself?).

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! PS Can I come be an apprentice? :)

  6. lovinsanta...of course, come on over!!!:) I leave the cookies out overnight to dry, then bag them individually. If I'm going to use them on a party tray, I store them in a baggie until I'm ready to put them out.

  7. Okay, seriously, I will be ordering these two when my 2 yr old turns 3!! She has a thing for horsies. And I have a thing for your cookies ;D

  8. AMAZING! WOW! I really cannot even tell you how cute those are!

  9. Just adorable!! You are so very talented!!!

  10. Very cute! Great job :)

  11. I love these!!!
    Question-your icing is so perfect...with the royal, do you find it ever to be too crunchy? I have made it a few times with the meringue powder and mine have always been too crunchy, so I have stuck with a powdered sugar, milk and corn syrup version that has worked, but your color is so great I want to give the meringue powder another shot.

  12. cookies and're right, royal icing is not a soft, creamy icing. It's great for holding up to decorating, packaging and boxing. I think the cookie taste is what really shines through when using royal icing.

  13. Bridget thanks for the info you shared with everyone about our Derby Day.We had 734 people attend. the amtrykes that we give away cost an average of $500.00each and this is our way of raising money to pay for them. as you stated we also give scholarship money to therapists to help children and adults with disabilities. these tryks give them the ability to ride with friends, family, etc and also developes their motor skills. if anyone wants to know more about what we do and i will let them know.

    love dad

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  15. Wow i would recommend this one!Very adorable horse cookies!yum


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