Julia's Triple-Decker Cheesecake

julia's cheesecake
Please tell me you've visited Julia over at Dozen Flours. Her blog is full of the most beautiful, mouth-watering concoctions. She makes a lot for her co-workers and I'm pretty sure there's a LONG, LONG waiting list to work at that place.

A few months ago, Julia posted a Triple-Decker Chocolate, Toffee, Coffee Cheesecake. I knew it would be the perfect dessert to make for my husband. So, this was our/his Father's Day dessert.
julia's cheesecake 2
Julia's cheesecake slice
Please forgive my not-so-great pictures. They don't do the cheesecake justice. It was wonderful...creamy and decadent. I followed Julia's instructions to the letter with 2 small exceptions:
  1. I didn't have instant coffee on hand, so I used instant espresso and cut the amount in half.
  2. I topped our slices with toffee pieces because I was too lazy to whip the cream and make chocolate shavings. :)
julia's cheesecake next day
{Here's a picture from day 2, I managed to cut it a little bit cleaner...still, Julia's pictures are better. }

It was a hit. If you like this flavor combination, you'll love this cheesecake! Thank you, Julia!!!

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